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Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, the demand for high-quality face masks has experienced a great surge. Even prior to the pandemic, the masks were used in healthcare centers, hospitals, specific industries, and salons. 

Although now they have become an indispensable part of everyone’s lives. Whether it’s about picking a parcel from the doorstep, going for the evening walk, or buying groceries from the supermarket, face masks are our constant companion and are going to stick around for a long time. 

That’s what makes manufacturing 3 ply surgical masks a good business opportunity, along with helping the world deal with the current situation. 

How to Start 3 Ply Surgical Mask Business?

If you, too, are thinking of setting up your own surgical mask manufacturing business, this article might help you. Here, we will discuss the things required to start the business.

3 Layer Mask Mask Making Machine

Fairprint’s 3 Ply Mask Making Machine

Market Potential And Uses

The 3 Ply surgical mask acts as a protective gear that does not allow pollutants, bacteria, and viruses to enter your body through your mouth and nose. 

Given the coronavirus situation and increasing pollution, it can easily be concluded that these masks are going to stay with us for longer. Therefore, people have also started seeing them as a fashion statement, raising the market potential for printed masks.

Along with making high-quality masks with the help of a 3 Ply surgical mask making machine, you can go on with making printed masks to capture a big part of the respective market segment.

Investment Required

One of the most important factors to be looked into before starting the business is how much capital you need to invest in. It is the only factor that decides the scale of your business. Although a mask making business can easily be set up on a small scale, so the investment required can be minimal. Depending on your requirements, you can invest in land, machine, and labor. 

Planning about the investment is a major step in setting up the business, and the capital required to set up this business can fall anywhere between ₹10 lakhs-₹25 lakhs.


Choose a location that helps you reduce the overall manufacturing costs. Rent or buy land in a location that offers electricity at less cost, labor at cheap wages, and is not far from the target market.

Ensure that the land you rent does not outweigh your profits. Therefore, going for a semi-urban location to set the manufacturing unit can be your best choice. It helps you get the best of both rural and urban areas. 

Raw Materials

To make high-quality masks, you need high-quality raw materials. Here are the raw materials you will need to make 3 Ply surgical masks:

  • Nonwoven Fabric
  • Filter Fabric
  • Mask band elastic 
  • Mask Nose Pin

These materials form a major part of the total requirements of the manufacturing process. They should be present in the right quantity to ensure a continuous flow of production. 

If raw materials are not up to the right quantity, it may lead to work stoppage and create losses for the business. In case the raw materials are more than required, then you have to pay more to store them, leading to higher manufacturing costs. Therefore, buy raw materials from reliable vendors that can deliver you the best quality raw materials, along with helping you maintain them in the right quantity.


To ensure efficiency in the production unit, you must incorporate the best 3 Ply surgical mask making machine. 

The machinery you invest in should be worthy and reliable. Also, check for the durability of the machine before purchasing. The right machine will produce quality masks at high speed, helping you meet orders on time and take on new projects for earning greater revenue.

Additionally, choosing an automatic machine will allow you to cut down on manual help and put a few bucks back in your pocket. This will also help avoid the chances of errors in the production process and ensure the smooth processing of all tasks.

If you are planning to print face masks, you can either buy machines with a printing function or buy a separate printing machine. Maintenance of all the machines is mandatory to ensure their longer and hassle-free operation.


The mask making business requires less labor since it is a small-scale business. You can start the production with a maximum of 2 skilled and 2 unskilled laborers working in the production unit. In case your business size is big, you can hire more laborers as required. The laborers need not be professional, but they possess the skills and knowledge to manufacture face masks.

You can also conduct an orientation or training program to help them learn the manufacturing process and the common standards associated with it.  You can even print your company’s logo on the side portion of the mask to popularise your brand.


To start a mask-making business, you need certain licenses. To conduct business in society, you will need a trade license, which can be obtained from the nearest municipal authority. Other licenses that you must possess to run the business legally are:

  • CE certificate
  • GMP certificate
  • FDA certificate
  • GST registration

With all these licensing and registrations, you can proceed with starting the 3 Ply surgical mask making business without any legal issues.


To let your target customers know about your business, you have to market it. In the age of digitalization, there are multiple ways to reach the target market. You can create a website for your business and perform SEO to boost its visibility in the SERPs. You can also take the help of social media channels on which your target audience is most active to promote your business and get more customers on board. You can consult with a marketing agency to make your brand a buzz in your market segment.


3 Ply face masks have become the need of the hour, and manufacturing them has become one of the most profitable businesses. People around the globe are using them, providing manufacturers a great opportunity to make their business a huge success by providing high-quality face masks at affordable prices.

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