Automatic N95 Elastic Pasting Machine

What can be better than a machine that can perform its operation on its own? Fairprint’s Automatic N95 Elastic Pasting Machine is specifically designed to reduce human efforts in your production unit and help you save a few bucks on labor expenses. The machine equipped with a PLC control system that allows an individual to control as well as monitor the elastic attaching process from a single place. It attaches the elastic ear band to N95 masks at a high speed and without making any error.

Automatic N95 elastic pasting machine is best choice for those who want to invest less and attain the same production speed of fully automatic models where just 1 more person comes in picture compared to fully automatic models. In this machine person needs to put ready mask body, comes from automatic N95 mask body making machine on the fixture made conveyor and automatic ear loop elastics are pasted on the mask and the final N95 mask is ready to pack and dispatch.


Salient Features

  1. (1) The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure which is more beautiful and firm look and gives glossy look finish to machine.
  2. (2) High accuracy and stability in this machine.
  3. (3) Fully automatic double ear loop welding machine which can save labor
  4. (4) High quality ultrasonic used for elastic welding on machine for firm and good looking
  5. (5) Well precise fixtures for placement of mask
  6. (6) PLC controlled touch screen with easy man-machine interface and buttons as well
  7. (7) The machine is driven by servo drive and step drive, with precise transmission system and adjustable speed option according to operation
  8. (8) Pneumatic technology used for proper elastic cutting and pasting process
  9. (9) High quality and branded electronic parts used for longer life and ease for service backups in any country



  • For applying ear loop on N95 masks
  • For applying ear loop on N99 masks
  • For applying ear loop on KN95 masks
  • 4) For applying ear loop on FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 respirators
  • 5) For applying ear loop on respirators according to different standards


Technical specifications

Production speed 20-50 PCS/MIN
Power source 220V 60Hz
Overall size 2600*1050*1530mm
Ear loop width 4.0mm
Ear loop length 18 cm
Power 3.5KW
Machine Weight 500KGS


Process flow chart

Process of working of Fairprint’s automatic n95 mask elastic pasting machine is well explained by the following diagram:-

  • 1) Feeding of mask on fixture made on conveyor
  • 2) Automatic movement of mask in conveyor to elastic pasting area
  • 3) Both sides ear loop elastic is ultrasonically welded automatically on mask
  • 4) Automatic further conveyor movement for delivery of ready mask
  • 5) Ready mask with ear loop is collected

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