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Bouffant caps are used in different industrial segments to maintain cleanroom environments. The caps completely cover the hair and prevent their loosening in the food processing, manufacturing facilities, and laboratories. The greater requirements for clean work environments have inflated the demand for these caps, which are being fulfilled by manufacturers using a bouffant cap machine.

This may have intrigued you to learn about the machine, and Fairprint, being a leading provider of disposable plastic cap making machines, will help you learn more.

What is Bouffant Cap Machine?

The Bouffant cap making machine also goes by other names, like disposable cap making machine, disposable non-woven cap making machine, non-woven bouffant cap making machine, plastic bouffant cap making machine, and shower cap making machine.

Plastic and Non Woven Bouffant Cap Making Machine

Plastic and Non Woven Bouffant Cap Making Machine

Getting an efficient machine from a trusted manufacturer like Fairprint can help you get started with the production of high-quality bouffant caps. 

Our offered bouffant cap making machine is fully automatic and carries every process, ranging from feeding to elastic ultrasonic welding, folding and molding, counting, and collection, without human intervention. 

Other things that add to the machine’s efficiency are its robust stainless steel structure, advanced electronic components, ultrasonic technology, the best quality plated components, and branded equipment that ensures its long and hassle-free working life.

The machine is equipped with a PLC and touch screen display that allows a single operator to monitor and manage the entire production process from one place. Isn’t that great? This means you don’t have to bother looking around for laborers and paying extra wages, leading to a decrease in the overall production cost.

Nurse Wearing a bouffant or disposal cap

A nurse surgeon with the medical team is wearing a disposal cap.

Another great advantage of owning a disposable cap making machine is that you can produce different sizes of caps without adjusting any parts. This helps you take on more projects and meet clients’ expectations, thus resulting in higher profits.

Operational characteristics of the machine:

  • Use non-woven and plastic as raw materials to produce quality caps.
  • Equipped with PLC and frequency converter that makes its operation easier to manage.
  • Ability to manufacture caps of different sizes, along with PE shower caps.
  • Immense power ultrasonic technology for better sealing and speed.
  • Automatic feeding, cutting, and welding system.
  • Simpler operation with an ergonomically designed interface.
  • Highly productive with a lesser failure rate.
  • Reliable, durable, hassle-free, and safe.
  • The automatic elastic welding system
  • Speed and frequency parameters can be adjusted as required.
  • Batch counting system.

Technical Specifications of the machine:

  • Fully Automatic.
  • Can work at a speed ranging from 90 – 260 pcs/min.
  • Work efficiently by consuming a power of 4.5 KW.
  • Require power supply of 220V Single Phase.
  • Available in a dimension of 3800x800x1100
  • Weigh 700 Kgs

Cater to industries like:

The Bouffant cap making machine produce high-quality caps that serve the needs of the following industries:

  • Catering & Restaurants
  • Fashion & Salon
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Beverage

Fairprint’s disposable cap making machines are ruling the manufacturing segment in India and across the globe. They are designed in compliance with international standards and are tested by experienced personnel before they are installed at the client’s location. Users can purchase the machinery in different specifications to meet their exact manufacturing needs. With our reliable after-sales support, we have been rated the #1 company for manufacturing and supplying efficiently functional machines.

Here are some of the best features of our plastic bouffant cap making machine:

Excellent Performance

The machine is made using advanced technology that makes its operation smooth and management easier. It can produce high quantity and quality of caps hassle-freely. The machine is worth your investment and helps in bringing better returns.

Robust Structure

The machine has a robust body that allows it to resist impacts and work for a longer time span. It has a smooth outer body that prevents injuries in the work environment and helps resolve the concern of workplace safety. With high tensile strength, the machine delivers exceptional performance throughout its lifecycle.

Automatic Tension Control

One of the best features of the machine is its automatic tension control. It helps the operator maintain a certain amount of tension on the given material and acquire the required properties, including quality, shape, and appearance.

Range Of Caps Sizes

The machine can produce caps in different standard sizes without the need to change any part. Only a few adjustments are required to make different sizes of caps. This helps you take on projects that require customization and meet the deadlines for better revenue.

Adjustable Ultrasonic Control

It is equipped with adjustable ultrasonic control for optimum stitching of caps.

Less Labor Cost

The machine can facilitate the entire production process without any human intervention. Labor is needed only to feed the raw materials and take the finished products off the conveyor belt, and a single operator to handle & supervise the process. The machine eliminates the involvement of much labor, thus decreasing production costs and thereby adding more to the revenue.

High-Speed Production

The machine can perform at high speed, helping you meet orders on time. With this machine in your production unit, you can enhance the production capabilities, produce high-quality caps, meet order deadlines, and build lasting relationships with customers. This thing will support your business success in the long run.

Longer Working Span

The machine uses ultrasonic technology to give precise stitching to the caps without maintaining direct contact with the material. It works smoothly and efficiently and possesses the ability to function the same way for years.


Fairprint has brought a revolution in the market by introducing Plastic and Non Woven Cap Making Machines. The machine can make disposable caps from plastic and non-woven materials. The caps made from the machine possess properties like high-quality, hygienic, disposable, affordable, and comfortable. 

With this machine at your disposal, you can mass-produce different bouffant caps as required by the clients. Your search for a machine that can be an advantage to your production unit ends with Fairprint.

Get the best Bouffant Cap Making Machine from us and kick-start the production of caps that help you get an edge over your competitors.

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