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Difference Between Chinese and Indian Paper Bag Machine

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Difference Between Chinese and Indian Paper Bag Machine

Jan 6, 2020 | Blog, Paper Bag Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper bag making business is an attractive business due to its excellent features like Eco-friendly, easy to use, cost-effective products. In India, the market is growing very fast with the fastest-growing economic conditions, and India is becoming self-reliant, so that it also helps a lot to improve the production of eco-friendly products.

China is better in the case of machinery products, but the cost incurred will be higher due to China and India are well equipped with their paper bag making machines.

Both countries certainly try to put their resources into best practice and then get into action. But, there always lies a matter of fact of preferences for consumers who ask for different variety looking for the purpose they can be put to use.

The manufacturers and sellers tend to create a massive contribution to this business by looking at various angles while the Machine is under development.

What are the differences in both the machines?

Paper Bag Machine China:

The Paper bag making Machine in China is expected to be a low producer as and when compared to Indian machines.

It has been observed that in China, machines can only produce about 500 – 2500 bags in one go. Still, in India, machines can develop up to 5000 paper bags once running, which creates a high production capacity scenario for Indian machines.

Chinese machines are capable enough to produce up to 50 bags per minute, but Indian machines produce up to 60 bags.

Not just the production, there are many factors in the Machine which are comparable; one of them here discussed is the consumption of power. Chinese machines consume a minimum of 5kw power, but Indian paper machines consume only 3.5kw, which is far more preferable and better than the one mentioned above.

One of the primary considerations in any manufacturing house is its contribution towards the environment, in this case, the weight of an Indian paper machine is 2 tonnes, which makes less vibration & noise than the Chinese Machine.

Paper Bag Machine India:

Indian Machine makes use of SeLec & Siemens PLC’s, but Chinese machines use feeble components.
Indian Machine uses TVS bolt, screws & nuts, but Chinese machines use feeble components.

Paper Bag Making Machines are stylish Machines, require accurateness and exactness to build a perfect Paper Bag Making Machine.

Since the Chinese paper bag making Machine requires lesser installation charges and maintenance ahead, it is more of a toy machine that can be just plugged in and start working upon (consider the issue faced with power used to run it).

At one time, it can work correctly for 4–5 years, but after stipulated time any manufacturing hub would start getting issues. The operator itself can resolve generic issues, but complicated problems have no solution and demand a permanent replacement of your Machine.

Also, the quality of the iron used in Chinese machines is not of that good quality because of which anyone can feel vibration after some time.

Whereas, in the case of the Indian Machine, it takes a few days to install. Still, it is easy to get immediate support from a supplier, and every other operator is capable enough to solve any critical issue.

The parts used in its manufacturing are easily replaceable. Machines have lesser wear and tear and can be used for more than 20 Years with more than 22 hours of operation per day.


India is one of the fastest-growing manufacturing businesses in the world as compared to its manufacturing unit, and the motto of self-reliance is giving an extra boost in its productions. Indian paper bag machine is cheaper and agile to move anywhere in the country to make the most affordable in the world. If you have any concerns related to the Machine, write to us at

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