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4 Colors Non Woven Offset Printing Machine

High speed V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Salient Features


Fully Automatic & High Speed


Pneumatic Reel Lifter


Easy Gusset Changing Option


Side Pasting System


Hi-tech & Robust


Special Plate Design


High Speed Precision fly blades for bursting paper


Motorized gluing system


Special Batch Counting System


Versatile Shape Option

Technical specifications

Model: FVPB1018 FVPB1418 FVPB1824
Bag Width(W) 70-270 mm 70-370 mm 80-450 mm
Bag Length(L) 150-460 mm 150-460 mm 180-610 mm
Side Gusset(SG) 0-100 mm 0-100 mm 0-170 mm
Paper Thickness 30-90 GSM 30-90 GSM 30-100 GSM
Roll Width 220-750 mm 220-1000 mm 220-1300 mm
Max Roll Dia 1000 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm
Bag Counting Yes Yes Yes
Bag Alarm Yes Yes Yes
Cold Glue Application Yes Yes Yes
Hot Melt Application Optional Optional Optional
Speed 60-500 pcs/min 60-500 pcs/min 60-300 pcs/min
Side Pasting Yes (Default) Yes (Default) Yes (Default)
Pneumatic Lifter Yes Yes Yes
Paper Bag Tubing Yes Yes Yes
Power Required 3.7 Kw 3.7 Kw 5.7 Kw
Glue Motor 90 W 90 W 90 W
Floor Space(LxWxH) 3600x1750x1600 mm 3600x1900x1600 mm 5000x2400x1750 mm
Power Supply 440v/ 3 ph. 440v/ 3 ph. 440v/ 3 ph.
Weight 2050 kgs 2250 kgs 4500 kgs
 * Measurement & Technical Specifications are subject to change without Notice.
* Printing Speed depends upon Operating Conditions / Type and Thickness of Non-Woven / Paper, Types of Inks or Chemicals & desired Printing Quality.

High Speed V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine with 4 Color Printing

Paper Bags are used from ancient time till date because paper is biodegradable and n number of times recyclable which are very environmental friendly and decays easily without damaging the environment for which these days people becoming more aware to reserve our mother nature and many government bodies in a different part of worlds are also working on it.

For which paper bag is in high demand, and to meet the demand productivity of bags should be high. Which Makes Fairprint to bring High-Speed v Bottom paper bag Making Machine which is getting popular not only in India but in the world because of its high speed and well-shaped v bottom paper bag output.

It is a revolutionary machine, which is mastered to produce the finest quality paper bags with or without side gussets. V bottom paper bag is the most economical type of paper bag that can be produced. These paper bags can be produced in different sizes and have got wide usage in groceries, packing, confectionery, foodstuff, tea powder, the medical field, etc.

Plastic bags, especially those made of polyethylene, have a negative impact on the environment because they are not biodegradable, which is the main cause of soil and water pollution. They are also dangerous for wildlife, as cows and marine animals tend to eat plastic bags that they cannot digest, which eventually lead to their death. For which paper bags are getting more favor by many big brands to bring them in use for environmental favor and increase there brand image

Paper bags are eco-friendly as they can be easily recycled. With consumers becoming more aware of eco-friendly options, paper bags have become the best choice. Paper bags are manufactured in two ways, namely by hand or with the help of paper bag manufacturing machines.

Making paper bags with the help of V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine has various advantages, some of which are:  One of the best advantages of making paper bags with the help of an eco-friendly automatic V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine is that you can get the best and similar quality in all production batches. When you compare the finished product to a traditionally handmade paper bag, you can see the level of precision and quality you can achieve with a machine.

  • In Automatic V Bottom Paper Bag Making firstly roll is feed with automatic roll feeding with pneumatic lifters, and in this unit there is tension controller to maintain tension in the paper for proper stretch in the bag for fine shape further roll go in side gluing section where side gluing process takes place after that roll moves in tube forming section where according to the need side gusset formation is done or not done for getting the desired shape. In this unit one can adjust gusset at both sides easily with control of wheel and also can do side pasting or center pasting as required.


  • Further roll moves in the bursting section where there are high quality 4 precision knifes which bursts the paper tube in desired height required for the bag maintaining the v shape of the bottom with micro perforation bursting style.


  • After that cut tube moves in the pasting section where proper glue is applied from a motorized inking system and a special aluminium drum that has grippers to paste properly the bottom comes in action and pastes the bag in real high speed, further ready paper bags are collected on a delivery tray with batch kicker system in the accurate quantity of batches and then ready bags are packed for dispatch.


  • Fairprint’s Fully automatic High speed v Bottom paper Bag making machine also known as grocery paper bag making machine is highly advanced and comes with the latest features which allow ease of operation and high efficiency.


The V-Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine has versatile applications and can be used to attain high quality paper bags in bulk quantities, with high productivity and various shapes as:


V Bottom Paper Bag (without gusset)


V Bottom Paper Bag With side gusset


Paper Bag with side gusset and bottom creasing


Paper Bag Tube (for making square bottom paper bag)

Bag Making Machine

High Speed V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine with 4 Color Printing

Process flow chart

Following flow chart will help to understand working process of All in one Bag Making machine


Automatic roll feeding with pneumatic lifters

After that roll travel in making unit where side gluing is done so that tube formation can be done



Further paper roll moves in tube formation section where side pasting and gusseting in paper tube is done

After that formed paper tube is cutted in high speed by 4 flying knife system according to the height of the bag



Further glue is applied on bottom accurately by motorized gluing system

After that v bottom is pasted at high speed in aluminum drum unit by high accuracy grippers



Further ready bags are delivered at delivery table in batch count by kicker system

Finally paper bags are ready to pack and dispatch


Fairprint FAQ's

At what prices can we get the paper bag making machines?

At Fairprint, you can buy the best-in-class paper carry bag making machines at the most competitive prices. We have a team of experts who have designed the machines keeping in mind the manufacturing requirements of clients so that you can get the maximum value on the money invested.

Do you provide any after-sale support?

Being one of the leading paper bag making machine manufacturers, we are also known for our highly reliable after-sale support. Our team of technicians is always on the go to help clients deal with issues they are facing with our machines. We always work on resolving problems at the earliest to ensure that your organization’s productive hours do not get hampered.

Are these machines manufactured in India?

We strictly follow the concept of “Make in India” and do our part to contribute to the country’s economy. All our machines are manufactured in India using the latest parts that are assembled under the supervision of experts. If you want to bring excellence to your production unit, investing in our paper bag making and printing machines can be your best course of action.

What is the quality of output the machines deliver?

The machines are backed with state-of-the-art technology that, along with accelerating the pace of your production process, also uplifts the quality of the produced goods. The printing machines are equipped with advanced parts that ensure the highest print quality on different types of substrates. With these machines at your disposal, you never have to worry about quality.

Why Should We Use Reusable Grocery Bags?

Reusable Grocery bags are far better than plastic and paper bags. They are strong, reliable, eco-friendly, and durable that makes them the best choice for consumers. 

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Now creating clean prints has become easy. Thanks to single color offset printing machine by Fairprint.


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