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How to Start a Face Mask Making Business in India?

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How to Start a Face Mask Making Business in India?

Jun 25, 2021 | Blog

The ongoing pandemic has made people realize the importance of face masks. Whether you are stepping out of the house to buy daily necessities or picking a parcel from the door, wearing face masks has become mandatory. 

Given the current situation, we can easily conclude that these masks are going to stick around for a while now. Instead of letting the pandemic threaten us, we can take a step forward and invest in a face mask making business to help people combat the situation. 

How to set up a face mask making business?

Before starting the business, manufacturers must understand what expectations or requirements people have from their masks. As people are giving importance to their social appearance, along with their health, making printed masks or surgical masks with the help of a surgical mask making machine can be a better option.

As per a report from Economic Times, India has the market for 5.05 million washable and reusable masks, out of which the markets for surgical and 3-ply masks have a significant share. Rest includes the demand for printed masks that are much fulfilled by top-notch designers across the country. 

If you want to meet the extraordinary demand, save people from the deadly virus, and earn your daily bread, here are some steps you can take to start a face mask making business in India.

Evaluate market potential and uses

Face masks no longer remain a medical commodity but a necessity in everyday life. It protects people against pollution, viruses, flu, and other air-borne diseases by covering their nose and mouth.

As people are compelled to wear them no matter where they go, they want these masks in different prints, colors, and with more effective filters. 

All the things mentioned above show a big picture of the market potential for the product. Therefore, you can invest in a high-performing face mask making machine or 3 ply mask making machine to make good quality masks and help people avoid an encounter with the virus.

Investment requirement

The investment required to start a mask making business depends on the scale you want to operate it. Although a small size business may not need much investment and as your business grows, you can go with its expansion. While starting a business, you must have enough capital to buy land & machinery, pay wages to laborers, and manage the daily expenses. Make your finances clear because the same will decide the size of the business. Therefore, ensure that you don’t go wrong in planning your investment. 


Location plays an essential part in the success of your business. Going to an appropriate location will help you reduce your production costs. Find a location where you can get labor at cheap wages, electricity is less chargeable, raw materials are readily available, and the land has a minimal rental. If the land you are renting outweighs your profits, then your business will soon experience a downfall and leave you in losses. 

Along with considering all the costs, make sure that the location you finalize is not too far away from the market as the same will directly impact transportation costs. By choosing a perfect location, you can minimize your expenses and generate more revenue to make your business successful. 

Raw materials

Raw materials are one major thing you need to produce high-quality masks. Make sure you have enough stock of raw materials to carry a smooth production process and meet projects’ deadlines. It will not be less as it will lead to the work stoppage, and excess of it will increase your warehousing expenses. Maintaining an appropriate stock of raw materials will help you carry production efficiently. 

Additionally, purchase raw materials from trusted vendors to ensure the production of quality masks. Here is the list of raw materials you will need for mask production:

  • Fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc.
  • Pins & clips
  • Threads
  • Dyes

Machinery requirements

Gone are the days of manual production. The market for face masks is quite competitive, and delivering orders on time and as expected is what makes or breaks your business. Therefore, investing in an efficient face mask making machine has become crucial.

The machinery you invest in should be reliable, worthy, and durable. It should be efficient enough to deliver smooth production in the long run and do not compromise with the quality of the masks. Keeping all these things in mind. Choose the machines that can produce a good number of masks within less time. 


Apart from the machinery, you will require labor that can manage the manual tasks associated with mask production. You will not require much labor but just a few to maintain the equipment and manage other tasks. The laborers may not need to be professionals but must have a basic understanding of how to operate the machines.

You can always arrange one-day training sessions to help them learn about the manufacturing process and what they need to do to carry out the tasks allotted to them. 


Here is the list of licenses you need to start a face mask making business:

  • CE certificate
  • GMP certificate
  • FDA certificate
  • Trade license
  • GST registration

By acquiring all these licenses, you can start a business within the legal framework.


The face mask making business has a great scope of expansion as compared to a home-based business and offers great returns. With the surge in pollution levels and virus-prone lifestyles, wearing masks while stepping out has become mandatory. Starting a mask making business the right way will help you thrive in the long run. 

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