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How to start paper carry bag making business?

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How to start paper carry bag making business?

Nov 26, 2019 | Blog, Paper Bag Machine

The paper bag is nowadays, specially used to support the environment and create a pollution-free atmosphere. The significant factor about the paper sack making is its Eco-neighborliness, they are made from recyclable and biodegradable things, paper packs are basic for each business use for bundling their items.
Plastic bags produces the harmful effect to the environment and is banned by the government, also the intention is to have nonhazardous material in which paper bags are one of the contributions for evolution of eco-friendly vision.

So this is the right time to enter into carry Bag makingmachine Business.
Today every sector has encouraged the use of paper bags for packaging purposes. They are also used for promoting their products.
Plastic is the most harmful pollutant and therefore, the government has discouraged its ban for business purposes which gives a chance to rising business entrepreneurs to start business in this field and be among the leading business makers. Also, its manufacturing is comparatively cheaper and allows businessmen to earn better.
Paper bag business does not require much effort, few documentation would help you start it at ease.

1. Registration of Firm: You may start the small to medium scale business unit either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.If one person is starting with business as One Person Company, then one have to register your firm as a proprietorship.
And, for Partnership operation, you have to register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).
2. GST Registration: Applying for the GST registration for GST number is mandatory for all business.
3. Trade License: Trade License; any business opening in society required trade license from your local municipal corporation
4. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards): Few certifications are compulsory. After completion of all documentation every business is ready for its manufacturing process for paper bag business.

It doesn’t require much larger area to start with business, selecting the area for any business is a crucial point and it requires only 1000sqft area space to start paper bag business. What is most important is to select an appropriate area location where the business would get sufficient water supply, electricity supply and manpower in affordable price.

The semi-urban area seems to be the perfect location for this business because your business can get the advantage of urban as well as the rural area also taxes and the rents of that location is expected to be less than the urban area.

5. Required Machine for Paper Bag Making Business
Before purchase a machine always check the durability. Because production is always depend on the output. There are mainly two types of the machines are there for paper bag production and other machines are categories under these two main machines

1) Automatic Paper Making Machine Price
This machine can produce the bag of 12*18 to 40*60 cm and can process about 120 processes within a minute. And, the minimum cost of the machine is approx Rs 5 lakh.

2) Automatic Paper Making Machine in India
This machine is having an additional feature of printing by which you can print the marketing data on bag as per the demand of the customer. The size of bag produced and its dimensions are exactly the same as above but also there is slight difference in the area of installation which is 14*18ft. And, the cost of this machine is around Rs 6.5 lakh. The carry bag manufacturing machine is fully automatic. Paper bags making machine are easy to operate.

Here is the 6 step manual of how manufacturing of paper bag is completed.

Step 1: At first, the paper is cut according to the size of a bag with the help of an automatic paper bag making machine.
Step 2: The paper is then, pressed from its edges and is made to stick with other corners to seal it properly.
Step 3: Once the sides are stuck together the printing machine prints the graphics or information on the paper bag.
Step 4: The manufactures can punch the bag with the punch making machine to create a hole which would attach the holder with the paper bag.

Step 5: the machine would then assist in attaching the string with the holes done primarily with the machine.
Step 6: Once the paper bag is manufactured it is ready to sell. For this, they are then packed in the cartoon box for transportation.
The process alters with the use of different machines.
Promoting your business brand is essential. Without the proper promotion, you are not able to attract customers,
Create the attractive logo for the business; this will be the image of your business company, so keep logo attractive as well as professional
Then used it into promotional material such as business card, pamphlets, letterhead and even printing on bags.
There is the different strategy to find out the client/ customer for paper bag some of them are mention belowcontact the business that are using the plastic carry bags, explain to them the advantages of a paper bag and aware customers, and convert them to use paper bags.

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