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How to Start a Non Woven Bag Making Business in India

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How to Start a Non Woven Bag Making Business in India

Apr 7, 2022 | Blog

Gone are the days when people see plastic bags as the only option and cost-effective way of packaging. The introduction of non-woven bags had busted the myth and offered an environmental-friendly alternative.

The popularity of non-woven bags is increasing with people’s awareness of environmental protection. The bags are long-lasting, recyclable, and 100% biodegradable.

The increasing demand for these bags has persuaded manufacturers to enter the bag making industry by investing in the best bag making machines. 

But, starting a non woven bag making business in India goes beyond just investing in a bag making machine. Other crucial factors must be taken into account to start and run the business efficiently.

This article includes everything you need to know about getting a paper bag business off the ground. So, let’s dive deeper into the steps needed to start.

Scope Of The Business

Before entering the business, you must determine the market potential of the bags you are planning to produce. The non-woven bags are largely used in:

  • Retail shops
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Salons
  • Big Brand Outlets, etc.

Additionally, these bags are a perfect alternative to plastic bags that the world wants to get rid of. Thus, producing these bags will offer you great selling and revenue-generation opportunities.

Investment Requirement

After determining the market potential or scope of the business, the next step is to determine the amount of capital you are willing to invest. There are two types of investment: fixed and variable.

The fixed investment includes the cost of bag making machines, land, and other tangible assets. On the contrary, the variable investment includes costs, such as salary, wages, electrical bills, warehouse expenses, etc.

Before commencing, you must have enough money that covers both costs. Only then can your business run smoothly and help you stay in the competition. 

Additionally, the size of the investment decides the scale of the business. Although, with time, expanding your business becomes easy as you earn profits.


Another crucial factor to emphasize is location. You need a piece of land to set up your production unit and produce high-quality non-woven bags. We recommend you to go for a semi-urban area as it will offer cost-effective labor, lower electricity rates, quality raw materials, and easier access to target markets (thus saving a lot on transportation costs). The semi-urban areas will help you enjoy the benefits of rural and urban locations. 


Bags can be produced manually, but the same is costly and time-consuming. Additionally, the competition in the market is fierce, and sticking with manual production methods will not do much to help the business grow. Therefore, investing in an automatic paper bag making machine is crucial. Choose a machine having all the specifications required to manufacture non-woven bags conveniently.

By moving to machine production, manufacturers can reduce the production cost, time involved, and chances of errors. All these will help meet bulk orders on time and ensure greater returns on investment.

Raw Materials

It’s impossible to produce high-quality non-woven bags with poor quality raw materials. Therefore, find vendors that can deliver the best raw materials at the best prices. 

Also, ensure that the raw materials are in an appropriate quantity as less would halt the production and more will increase the warehousing cost. Ensure that the vendor you choose can deliver a consistent supply of raw materials to help you carry out production smoothly.


As you switch to machine production, the number of laborers require to carry out the production will gradually decrease. You will need less labor, leading to saving great money on wages. 

With an efficient bag making machine, a maximum of two operators will require to manage the operation and a few laborers to feed the raw materials and take the finished products off the conveyor belt. 

You don’t have to find professional laborers but skilled enough to manage the entire production accurately. Manufacturers can even conduct an orientation or training session on the day of their joining to communicate all the safety instructions, standards, and processes they must follow.


Before commencing the business, you must acquire every single license required to do the business. You can begin by registering your company with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). After that, apply for a trade license from the municipal corporation. The license is mandatory for manufacturers conducting business in society. Then, go for GST registration and get a GST number to help you with the invoices part. At last, don’t forget to get BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification.

Once you acquire all your documentation, you can start with producing quality bags and capturing a big share of the targeted audience.

Brand Promotion

Once your business starts running, it’s time to spread the word about it. Promoting your business as a brand on the digital platform will help you get more prospects that you can turn into lifelong customers. Manufacturers can approach the best digital marketing services to carve an image of their brand onto customers’ minds.

Brand promotion has become necessary in the fiercely competitive market to make a business survive and thrive.

Parting Thoughts

Starting a business from scratch is not easy, but the right steps can help to do it right. At Fairprint India, we offer the best non woven bag making machines that can help you turn your business idea into reality.

With us, you can get a machine with all specifications required to produce different non-woven bags.

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