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Plastic Glove Making Machine

Salient Features


Fully Automatic: feeding, sealing system


Heavy Duty rigid Construction


Short Changeover time


Special Glove Mould


Can use CPE, HDPE, LDPE & PE lms


Automatic waste edge tearing optional system


High effciency and Long life span


Double Decker High Speed for productive results

Technical specifications

LineDouble DeckerDouble Decker
Wate TearingNoYes
Production Speed200-400 pcs/min200-400 pcs/min
Power Required220v/ Single Phase/ 50Hz220v/ Single Phase/ 50Hz
Power Supply4Kw5Kw
Glove Mould2 pc2 pc
Mould Size36.5×39 cm36.5×39 cm
Dimensions (L*W*H)2800x1100x15003800x1100x1500

High-Speed Double Decker PE Glove Making Machine

Fairprint’s research and development have given a breakthrough to the market by bringing PE Glove Making Machine into action. The High Speed PE Glove Making Machine can make huge quantities in a day with less human intervention, thus creating high profits. Disposable Glove making machine has a robust structure, hi-tech electronic components, special sealing technology, double-decker for high productivity, high-quality plated components, and branded equipment that ensures its long working life

The machine produces PE gloves with the help of automatic heat sealing configured with a double overlying unwinder that can process reels with a diameter ranging to 1100 mm and width to 1700 mm. It is also equipped with an advanced in-line embossing unit and die-cutting module that makes the production process faster and easier to maintain. 

Fairprint’s high speed double decker PE glove making machine can be considered a reliable partner in the production of quality gloves at the least operational cost. The machine is specifically designed by considering the users’ demands and is able to face and manage the changing project’s needs of the clients. 

The gloves produced by the machine is used in the following industries:

  • Catering & restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinics & Hospitals
  • Food & beverage
  • Fashion & salons

The machine has a robust construction that makes it impact-resistant and ensures its hassle-free operation for years. It used CPE, HDPE, LDPE & PE films and possesses special glove molds to produce the best quality PE gloves. 

The PE glove making machine is fully automatic and operator-friendly that helps reduce the production cost to a great extent. Here are some operational characteristics of the machine:

  • The machine uses CPE, HDPE, LDPE & PE films to produce quality gloves and has a production speed of 200-400 pcs/min.
  • It consumes a power of 220 V to deliver a hassle-free production.
  • Equipped with an automatic waste edge tearing optional system for better performance.
  • With a high-speed production capability, help in meeting project deadlines.
  • The entire production is managed automatically with a PLC.
  • Self-stop when it runs out of films.
  • Less human intervention required, which means less labor cost.
  • Long-working life.
  • Robust structure.

The machine is manufactured using smart technology that makes it work efficiently. It has an in-build touch screen display connected with PLC for a smooth operation. The PE glove making machine has the ability to maintain a constant frequency for ensuring the uniform quality of the gloves produced. 

Now, let’s move on to the technical specifications; the machine functions well by consuming a power of 220v/ Single Phase/ 50Hz. It is engineered to perform at high speed and manufacture 200-400 pcs/min.

The machine can produce different sizes of gloves without the need to change any parts. This thing maintains the pace of the production and helps manufacturers hit deadlines along with meeting the expectations of clients for quality products. Furthermore, the machine ensures that the gloves produced are of accurate size and optimum quality.

The things mentioned above must have given you a good idea that the machine works automatically and excellently without much manual help. This will help manufacturers save on labor expenses and reduce the overall production cost without compromising on quality. 

The PE glove making machine is a worthy addition to your production unit and will help you generate more revenue. Our offered machines are supported by installation and after-sales service that make us a leading player in the industry.

If you want excellence in your production process, going for our High Speed Double Decker PE Glove Making Machine can be your best decision.

Process flow chart

Within the following diagram, it is made easier to understand the working of Fairprint’s Automatic N95 mask making machine.


Roll feeding (up to 6 layers)

Automatic nose strip insertion



Ultrasonic sealing of mask shape

Automatic ear loop pasting on both sides



Folding of mask from center to attain desired shape

Automatic L pressing of mask



Folding of ear loops so that it doesn’t get cut in further die cutting process

Automatic die cutting of mask



Automatic waste collection parallelly

Mask is ready


Fairprint FAQ’s

At what prices can we get the PE Glove Making Machines?

At Fairprint, you can buy the best-in-class PE Glove Making Machines at the most competitive prices. We have a team of experts who have designed the machines keeping in mind the manufacturing requirements of clients so that you can get the maximum value on the money invested.

Do you provide any after-sale support?

Being one of the leading paper PE Glove Making Machine manufacturers, we are also known for our highly reliable after-sale support. Our team of technicians is always on the go to help clients deal with issues they are facing with our machines. We always work on resolving problems at the earliest to ensure that your organization’s productive hours do not get hampered.

Are these machines manufactured in India?

We strictly follow the concept of “Make in India” and do our part to contribute to the country’s economy. All our machines are manufactured in India using the latest parts that are assembled under the supervision of experts. If you want to bring excellence to your production unit, investing in our PE Glove Making Machines can be your best course of action.

What is the quality of output the machines deliver?

The machines are backed with state-of-the-art technology that, along with accelerating the pace of your production process, also uplifts the quality of the produced goods. The printing machines are equipped with advanced parts that ensure the highest print quality on different types of substrates. With these machines at your disposal, you never have to worry about quality.

Why Should We Use Fairprint's PE Glove Making Machines?

PE Glove Making Machines are far better than other machines in the market. They are strong, reliable, and durable that makes them the best choice for consumers. 

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