Extrusion lemination machine

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Technical Specifications

Model F1520 F1622 E1622 E1824
Size 15" x 20" 16" x 22" 16" x 22" 18" x 24.5"
Sheet Size (Max.) 381 x 508mm 406 x 560 mm 406 x 560 mm 457 x 620 mm
Sheet Size (Min.) 120 x 160 mm 120 x 160 mm 120 x 160 mm 210 x 297 mm
Printing Area (Max.) 371 x 508 mm 396 x 558 mm 375 x 550 mm 420 x 605 mm
Plate Size 410 x 510 mm 415 x 560 mm 415 x 560 mm 480 x 620 mm
Blanket Size 450 x 510 x 1.9 mm 450 x 575 x 1.9 mm 460 x 560 x 1.9 mm 515 x 620 x 1.9 mm
Stock Handled (Max.) 300 gsm 300 gsm 300 gsm 300 gsm
Stock Handled (Min.) 40 gsm 40 gsm 40 gsm 40 gsm
No. of Ink Rollers 14 14 14 14
No. of Ink Form rollers 2 2 3 3
No. of Dampening Rollers 4 4 5 5
Speed (Max.)
2500 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
2500 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
2500 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
2500 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
Pile Height Feeder 375 mm 375 mm 375 mm 375 mm
Power Required 2 HP 2.5 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Power Supply 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz. 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz. 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz. 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz.
Floor Space 1100 x 1800 mm 1170 x 2000 mm 1000 x 1900 mm 1100 x 2100 mm
Height (Approx.) 1375 mm 1375 mm 1350 mm 1400 mm
Weight (Approx) 850 kg 950 kg 850 kg 950 kg

More About Extrusion Lamination Machine

In the packaging world, lamination packaging has made a place for itself. It increases the lifespan of the packaging materials and gives better protection to packed products. Now, every manufacturer is looking for packaging materials with lamination to safely pack its products and deliver the same to the customers. This thing has increased the demand for Extrusion Lamination Machines that can add up to 5 layers of lamination to different substrates.

To meet the ongoing demand, Fair Print India offers the best-in-class Extrusion Lamination machine. It is backed with advanced technology and made under the supervision of professionals to ensure its effective functioning. The machine is widely used to produce multiple layers of lamination on several substrates like paper, polyester film, aluminum, and others. It serves its best application in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industries to pack products with improved film properties like heat sealing, gas barrier, and film strength. 

The Extrusion lamination machine adds layers of different lamination materials on to a wide range of products to provide superior protection. It adds very slim layers of materials like LDPE, PP, and others to the packaging components, such as paper bags, woven sacks, cotton & jute bags, aluminum foil, and others. The layers are added to enhance the products’ strength and allow them to keep the packed products safe and intact.

The machine is equipped with a PLC based centralized control system that automates the entire lamination process with ease. Only a single individual is required to handle and maintain the whole manufacturing process that will help you reduce your labor cost and bring a higher level of efficiency in your production unit. 

At Fair Print India, the machine is designed under expert guidance so that it never fails to meet the diverse requirements of our clients related to speed, functionality, durability, efficiency, and reliability. Our team of technical experts focuses on technological development and innovation to add exceptional features to the machine. It utilized every raw material to its full potential, thus reducing wastage and saving production cost.

The Extrusion lamination machine carries the Extrusion lamination process by extruding the resin between two substrates that acts as a bonding agent. Inside the laminating line, the substrates are nipped at a bonding station. This consists of a pressure roll, a large roll, and a counter-pressure roll cooled by the water that creates the required pressure and temperature, which ensures the correct adhesion level.

The final product results in the permanently bonded multiply laminated structure. There are many plastic films and foils that need a primer coating before moving them into the extrusion process.

The machine is backed with multi-heating zones and a heating system with a special mode that enables fast heating without utilizing much energy. It has a heavy-duty construction that adds more years to its operational life. 

It is one of the most efficient machines used for extrusion coating and lamination work. When it comes to adding very thin layers of lamination on substrates like tarpaulins, woven sacks, paper, polyester film, jumbo bags, and aluminum foil, our machine has no match.