Flexo printing machine

Being a prominent provider of the Flexographic Printing Machine in India, we keep on upgrading our flexo printing machine with innovative designs so that it can meet the mass printing needs of our customers at the best operational cost. We have the finest engineers that keep themselves updated with the latest technological knowledge to add the best features to the flexo printing machine so that it can boost the productivity level to a greater extent.

At Fairprint, you will get a high-quality Flexographic printing machine at competitive prices because we are the best flexo printing machine manufacturers in India. The Flexo printing machine price is so affordable for any business, whether that be small or big enterprise. Our range of multi-color Flexo Printing Machine can print multiple colors on different materials like non-woven fabric, paper, and polythene. The flexo printing machine is designed using top-grade quality metals and state-of-the-art technology under the precision of our professional engineers.

It has a high printing capacity that makes it perfect for mass production applications. The machine has a robust structure that allows it to withstand physical impacts without any damage to its surface. It can print different kinds of bags in diverse sizes and designs with accurate precision to meet the expectations of our clients. 

flexo printing machine price

Salient Features of Flexographic Printing Machine

  • Easy Operation
  • Flexible Starting
  • Accurate Color Register
  • After Lifting, Automatically Stir Printing Ink
  • Reliable Drying System
  • Automatic Break Circuit
  • Best price
  • multi color flexo

The flexo printing machine is equipped with a superior technology control panel that delivers a user-friendly interface that allows a smooth flow of operations. It facilitates roll to roll printing on non-woven fabrics, polythene, and paper, along with ensuring robust, reliable, and durable products. We deliver a machine that provides the best value for your money.

The flexo printing machine has a reliable drying system that prevents ink smudging and makes sure the print is as per the requirement. It works by consuming 20 KW of power and weighs around 5000 kgs. Flexo printing machine can help you to boost your production capacity and makes efficient use of all the resources that results in less wastage and lower the overall cost of production.

The flexo printing machine does not ask for a huge investment that allows any person who wanted to start a small printing unit can do it without thinking twice. It functions with minimum chances of faults that saves you from high maintenance cost. The multiple automatic features also help you to cut shorter your labor expenses and overall printing cost. With less cost, you can easily boost your revenues.

Apart from the sale of the machine, we also provide after-sale support to our valued clients for maintaining the effective working of the Flexo Printing Machine and ensure that any fault in the machine does not affect the production capacity of our clients. 

A flexographic printing machine allows you to print both on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, and that too in multiple colors. Our flexo printing machine fulfilled the increasing demand for a printing machine that is a perfect combination of efficiency and quality.

It can perform the printing process at high-speed and without even making the tiniest compromise on quality. With this machine in your production processes, you can eliminate the need for additional cost and work. It automates the printing process, where its roller plates transfer the ink to the substrate, and the cutting die cut down each design into the proper size.

Flexographic printing is the most popular printing method used in the industry to produce high-quality prints at a great speed. The machine is ideal for printing on different materials like fabric, plastic, metal, newspaper, magazines, and others and is worth investing in, as will bring you the best returns.

The flexo printing machine price would not cost you as much as other manufacturing costs. Fairprint is one of the leading flexo printing machine manufacturers in India that delivers its high-quality machine all over the world. Our price is so affordable as compared to others.

Flexographic Machine Technical Specifications

Model E4125 M4125
Printing Color 4 4
Material Feeding Width 1250 mm 1250 mm
Max Printing Width 1160 mm 1160 mm
Machine Speed 80 m/min 100 m/min
Printing Speed 3-50 m / min 3-80 m / min
Cylinder Rolls Anilox Steel Anilox Steel
Plate Lifting By Hand Hydraulic
Gear Drive Spur Helical
Registration Precision Moderate High
Web Guide Standard Ultrasonic
Un & Rewind Type Autotension, Magenetic Power Autotension, Magenetic Power
Winder Magnetic 5 Kg. 10 Kg.
Un-Rewind Roller Airshaft Airshaft
Un-rewind Dia 800 mm 800 mm
Dryer Length 800 mm 2000 mm
No of Fans to Dry 2 (B) 16 (S)
Heat Power 6 KW 9 KW
Total Power 11 KW 20 KW
Power Supply 3 Phase / 415v / 50Hz. 3 Phase / 415v / 50Hz.
Weight Approx 4000 Kgs 5000 Kgs
Dimension (W x L x H) Approx 2200 x 4000 x 3000 mm 2400 x 5000 x 3300 mm
* Measurement & Technical Specifications are general guidelines & may vary depending upon various conditions.
* Printing Speed depends upon operating conditions / type of thickness of Non-Woven / Polythene / Paper, type of inks or chemical used & desired printing quality.
* Actual looks of the Product may vary than shown in Photographs.