Automatic Handle Loop Machine

The automatic non woven loop handle bag making machine is a Breakthru' innovative design to deliver the latent needs of Global Consumers for mass production efficiently at a very competitive running cost. FAIRPRINT 'an ideal for best quality jobs' is a highly productive non woven loop handle bag making machine.

This uses 2" wide strip of Non-Woven Fabric, which folds the fabric uniformly from both sides and does ultrasonic welding at the center of the strip, thus ensuring good quality & smooth handling.

Superior Technology Control Panel with Touch Screen allows easy customer interface resulting in good quality & consistent output.

FAIRPRINT provides a complete solution for Non woven loop handle bag making machines while ensuring Robust, Reliable & Durable products and offers the Best Value for Money.

FAIRPRINT is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers all over India. It delivers Machine high-quality and altogether made in India machine that produces a wide variety of handle bags. We help to operate your machine after purchasing and give full support in terms of warranty & training. We are becoming the best paper bag handle making machine in India.

Automatic Handle Loop Machine

Salient Features

  • Superior Technology Control Panel with Touch Screen
  • Easily Adjustable Length of the Handle Loop
  • Durable, Reliable & Safe paper handle loop machine
  • High-quality ultrasonic system
  • Trouble-free folder unit
  • Branded pneumatic and electrical parts
  • Batch counting system
  • Easy pedal operation
  • Smooth finishing and punch design


This non-woven automatic handle loop machine is of a great caliber which not only reduces labor but can be used for many applications as:-

  • Handle loop non-woven bag
  • Bottom gusset handle loop bag
  • Side gusset bag with handle loop
  • Handle loop for woven sacks
  • Rice bag handle in woven sacks
  • Poly handle on the bag as well

Paper Bag Handle Making Machine - Technical Specifications

Model H-800
Cut Off Length 300 - 800mm
Roll Width 50 - 100mm
Finish Strip Width 20 - 50 mm
Speed(Approx) 12-20 Pcs/Min
Total Power 5 KW
Weight (Approx) 500 Kgs
Overall Dimension (Approx) WxDxH 1600 x 1500 x 1500 mm
* Measurement & Technical Specifications are subject to change without Notice
* Speed depends upon Operating Conditions/ Type & Thickness of Non-Woven etc.

Process flow chart

  • The roll is fixed on the unwinder
  • Non-woven roll passes through guides and folder to attain the desired loop width
  • The folded roll is ultrasonically sealed to form the desired loop width
  • Roll passes through the dancing pad unit as to maintain the size of cutting
  • The gripper holds the loop stretches it to the required length fed in touch control
  • Loop is cut and another two gripper grips the loop 
  • The further loop is brought in shape for pasting by rotary grippers
  • The pedal is pressed to activate the punch
  • Handle loop is pasted on the bag by ultrasonic horns
  • Non-woven bag with handle loop is ready