Handle Cutting Machine

Non Woven Handle Cutting Machine for Handle-Loop by FAIRPRINT is a best Solution for Handle Loop cutting of the Non-Woven rolls. It’s a Cost competitive solution with moderate volumes and best available option in the market without making any compromise with quality and efficiency even such a lowest cost.

Compact design, user friendly operation and various cutting lengths option makes it most demanding machine in bag making segment.

In this non-woven handle cutting machine, the loop roll enters from the ultrasonic sealing machine after loop formation or directly thick gsm non-woven loop roll is inserted. In the machine there is an option of adjustment of the length of the non-woven handle loop to be cut that is set and by rotation of the blade handle loop is cut to the desired length. With efficient speed, these non-woven handle loops are cut and collected in a box placed in front of it and further moves to the handle pasting process in the spot welding machine. 

Handle Cutting Machine

Salient Features

  • Robust Construction
  • Durable, Reliable Safe
  • Easy to Operate
  • Highly Productive
  • Automatic cutting system
  • Multiple size-changing options


This handle loop cutting machine as the name suggests is very useful for handle cutting in various industries like:-

  • Non-woven handle cutting
  • Polybag handle cutting
  • Woven sack handle cutting

Technical Specifications

Model HC
Production Speed 30-50 Loops / Min
Outer Dimensions 550 x 1100 mm
Electic Power 600 w
Power Supply 220v / 50Hz / 1 Ph.
Optional No Compressor


Process flow chart

The working process of handle loop cutting machine is as:-

  • Roll enters the machine from the ultrasonic sealing machine or direct roll stand
  • The length of the handle loop to be cut is adjusted in the machine
  • Rotary blade cuts the handle in the desired dimension
  • Automatically handle is cutted
  • The non-woven handle is ready to be pasted on the spot welding machine