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Semi Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Salient Features


Feed off can be Automatically Shut Down


Automatic temperature as well as correcting leaks


Easy to operate with local Touch-Screen Computer


Smooth Functionality


Robust Construction


Durable, Reliable & Safe


Auto waste collection system.


Superior Performance


Heavy Duty


Pneumatic arms for roll deeding


Touch screen control panel


Ease to operate


Heavy-duty, robust, durable, and safe


Ultrasonic technology system


Batch collection system


Easy size-changing option


Branded pneumatic and electrical parts


Compact design


Automatic shut down after roll finish

Technical specifications

Fabric Roll Width (Max)900mm900mm
Bag WidthVest bags 150-580Vest bags 150-580
Bag HeightVest bags 100-1200Vest bags 100-1200
Cutting blade width550mm550mm
Production Speed40-90pcs/min40-90pcs/min
Non-Woven Fabric Thickness20-90 gsm20-90 gsm
Gusset25-85 mm25-85 mm
Power Supply220v/1 phase/50hz220v/1 phase/50hz
Side (L x W x H)6000x2000x20006000x2000x2000
Manpower1 Skilled 

1 unskilled

1 Skilled 

1 unskilled

No. of stepper motor12
Printed roll cuttingN/AYes

Semi Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Non Woven Bag Making Machine is a Breakthru’ modern Design to deliver Diverse needs of Worldwide Consumers for heavy production at very economical running cost.

Wide range of Non-Woven Bag Making Machine is suitable to make bags with D-Cut, without D-Cut, U-Cut / Vest Type Bags with Side Gusset etc.

Non-Woven Bag Making Machine is suitable for Mass volumes and results in fast turnaround.

Advance Technology PLC controlled Touch Screen Panel allows customer for Managing the machine parameters easily thus helping in good quality & consistent output.

Semi-automatic non-woven bag making machine is best for those who are willing to enter the non-woven industry with a low budget to start the project. This semi-automatic non-woven machine is capable of making u cut/ w cut bags at the same speed of automatic machine using less investment to set up the project. People who are looking to make vest bags or u-cut bags or w-cut bags only. Considering poly bags of such shapes are getting banned by various governing bodies. They can fulfill the grocery bag requirements of the market by investing in this semi-automatic non-woven bag machine and with one small punching machine. Grocery bags are of more popularity as used by sweet shops, fruit sellers, grocery stores and the consumption of such shop of bags are very high for which comes in the picture this semi-automatic non-woven bag machine model which gives the production speed as same of an automatic model and very affordable by beginner businessmen which makes this the best project for investment for startup companies and entrepreneurs.

In fairprint’s semi-automatic non-woven bag making machine the non-woven roll is fed automatically by pneumatic arms, then further roll is passed to a folder where it is folded from the center to form a tube, the edge of the tube is ultrasonically sealed by a horn, further roll passes through a boat-shaped structure where side gusset in a tube is formed with the help of wheels. Then the side gusset formed tube is moved under ultrasonic horns and sealers where ultrasonic sealing is done on the tube to form a bag. After that bags are cut to the desired dimension which is controlled through the touch control panel. Further bags are ready for v cut/ u cut punching.


Semi-automatic non-woven bag machinery may sound like less functional still is very productive and has various applications like:-


U cut bags


W cut bags


Vest bags/ t-shirt bags/ jhabla/ jhola


Election caps


Non-woven pouches


Side gusset bags

Semi Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Semi Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Process flow chart

The working process of the semi-automatic non-woven bag machine can be easily understood by the following flow chart:-


Automatic roll feeding through pneumatic arms

The non-woven roll is passed to the folder unit where it is folded from the center to form a tube



Side sealing of the tube is done through ultrasonic welding

The non-woven tube moves in a boat structure unit to form side gusset through wheels



Side gusset formed non-woven tube moves under ultrasonic and sealer for sealing

The bag is formed after cutting controlled by a panel



U cut bag is ready for punching and packing

Fairprint FAQ's

At what prices can we get the Paper Bag Making Machines?

At Fairprint, you can buy the best-in-class Paper Bag Making Machines at the most competitive prices. We have a team of experts who have designed the machines keeping in mind the manufacturing requirements of clients so that you can get the maximum value on the money invested.

Do you provide any after-sale support?

Being one of the leading paper Bouffant Cap Making Machine manufacturers, we are also known for our highly reliable after-sale support. Our team of technicians is always on the go to help clients deal with issues they are facing with our machines. We always work on resolving problems at the earliest to ensure that your organization’s productive hours do not get hampered.

Are these machines manufactured in India?

We strictly follow the concept of “Make in India” and do our part to contribute to the country’s economy. All our machines are manufactured in India using the latest parts that are assembled under the supervision of experts. If you want to bring excellence to your production unit, investing in our Paper Bag Making Machines can be your best course of action.

What is the quality of output the machines deliver?

The machines are backed with state-of-the-art technology that, along with accelerating the pace of your production process, also uplifts the quality of the produced goods. The printing machines are equipped with advanced parts that ensure the highest print quality on different types of substrates. With these machines at your disposal, you never have to worry about quality.

Why Should We Use Fairprint's Paper Bag Making Machines?

Paper Bag Making Machines are far better than other machines in the market. They are strong, reliable, and durable that makes them the best choice for consumers. 

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