Spot Handle Pasting Machine
Spot Handle Pasting Machine

Non Woven Handle Loop Pasting Machine by FAIRPRINT is a best Solution for Handle Loop pasting on the Non-Woven Bags. It’s a Cost competitive solution with moderate volumes and best available option in the market without making any compromise with quality and efficiency even such a lowest cost.

Compact design, user friendly operation and strength full pasting makes it most demanding machine in bag making segment.

This non-woven spot welding machine comes in two variants single spot and double spot handle loop welding machine. In a single spot non-woven spot welding machine, one spot of the handle is pasted at one time in double spot non-woven spot welding machine 2 spots i.e.  One side of the bag is pasted in one stroke. This machine is very useful for the persons already in the non-woven industry who want to increase their profits by less investment. The persons already having non-woven printing machine or non-wowen bag making machine can get the best out of this machine as by pasting the handle loop on the bag finishing and strength of the non-woven bag increases which increases the cost of the bag and one can have more profit in their existing non-woven business. Not only this but by changing the head on this machine one can also paste elastic on 3 ply or n95 mask as well from this machine which makes this machine very versatile and value for the money. In this day by day changing market. For this spot welding machine basic requirement is of stable electricity and air compressor.

In this manual handle pasting machine, one person has to put the non-woven handle on the non-woven bag then press the pedal which activates the pneumatic punch and ultrasonic generators simultaneously and the non-woven loop is ultrasonically welded on the non-woven bag and non-woven bag with handle loop is ready.

Salient Features

  • Robust Construction
  • Durable, Reliable Safe
  • Easy to Operate
  • Highly Productive
  • Advanced ultrasonic technology
  • Pneumatic technology used for pasting
  • Multifunction for mask and bags both


Non-woven handle loop pasting machine is highly multifunctional as it can be used at various applications like:-

  • Non-woven handle loop bag
  • Bottom gusset or side gusset non-woven bag
  • Box type non-woven bag handle lasting
  • Woven sack handle pasting on rice bags
  • 3 ply, n95 or cup mask elastic ear loop pasting
  • Head loop pasting on mask etc

Technical Specifications

Model SW2
Production Speed 12-20 Spots / Min
Outer Dimensions 550 x 1100 mm
Electic Power 600 w
Power Supply 220v / 50Hz / 1 Ph.
Optional 2HP Compressor


Process flow chart

  • Non-woven bag is placed in position
  • Non-woven handle loop is placed on non-woven bag where it has to be pasted
  • The pedal is pressed and the ultrasonic welding system is started
  • Non-woven bag with handle is ready for packing and dispatch