Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

FAIRPRINT Ultrasonic Bag Sealing Machine is a Unique Solution for regular & irregular shape of Non-Woven Fabric. This is highly cost competitive solution for moderate volumes.

This machine is compact & gives high quality Ultrasonic Bagswith good strength. This Machine can also be used for making  Handle Strips of the bags.

This ultrasonic sealing machine is also known as manual non-woven bag making machine is very useful for those who want to make special shapes of non woven bags or special shapes from non woven fabric like people are making non-woven aprons, PPE kits, masks, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc from this machine. And not only this non-woven bag plants for sampling and repairing of non-woven bags also use this machine. This machine is also known as a non-woven handle making machine as by applying a roll stand in front of it and a folder is fixed before sealing the wheel where the non-woven roll is folded and ultrasonically sealed to form a handle loop. Further, this loop is transformed to handle a loop cutting machine where the handle loop is cut in the desired length. 

Ultrasonic bag sealing machine is simply operated by a foot pedal, non woven fabric is placed on the machine with edges which have to be sealed, roller according to the design of sealing is installed in the machine when the operator holds the fabric and presses the pedal, the fabric is pulled forward and with ultrasonic vibrations generated by the ultrasonic generator to booster than to horn are passed on non woven fabric and non woven fabric gets sealed and desired shape.

Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

Salient Features

  • Robust Construction.
  • Durable, Reliable & Safe.
  • Easy to Operate
  • Highly Productive


This manual ultrasonic sealing machine is through manual but one can get various product shapes from this machinery like:-

  • Non woven bags of different styles
  • PPE kits
  • Gowns
  • Masks
  • Pouches
  • Many versatile shapes of non woven fabric

Technical Specifications

Model UB
Production Speed 0-15m / Min
Effective Width 60 mm
Roted Voltage 220v / 50Hz / 6A
Power 1500w - 2500w
Machine Dimension (L x W x H) 1300 x 650 x 1500 mm
Supporting Pattern Dies 1mm - 60mm
(Pattern Dies 1mm - 60mm avilable for all widths)
(50mm - 80mm)(Diameter 50mm - 80mm pattern die)
Machine Weight 100kg
* Measurement & Technical Specifications are subject to change without Notice.
* Speed depends upon Operating Conditions/ Type & Thickness of Non-Woven etc.

Process flow chart

  • Non woven fabric to be sealed is placed on a machine
  • Rollers of the desired shape of sealing are installed
  • The operator presses the paddle
  • Non woven fabric is pulled and ultrasonically sealed
  • The desired shape of sealing is attained
  • Versatile products are ready