3 Colors Bag Printing Machine
3 Colors Bag Printing Machine

Fairprint 3 Color Sheet Fed Offset is a Break thru’ Innovative Design to deliver Latent needs of Global Consumers for three color printing at optimal investment.

3 Color Sheet Fed Offset is  compact design and consumes low power as well.

This 3 Color Sheet Fed Offset is good for printing  calendar, books, stationary, 3 Color Non-woven Bags, 3 Color Non-Woven Fabric sheets & similar applications.  This gives good  printing registration and printing appearance looks closer to 4 color results. This is easy to run & highly productive.

This 3 color non woven bag printing machine is of great caliber and works on traditional effect technology with high-tech and unique features equipped by Fairprint. 3 color bag printing machine is a separate unit technology with 3 sets of plate, blanket and impression cylinder in each unit. in 3 color d cut bag printing machine there are special features like unique suction feeding technology specially designed for feeding  non woven bags on offset, automatic impression technology, solenoid based inking control, 3 cylinder technology, transfer drum, pneumatic controls, touch interface and special plate punch technology. With so many modern features embedded in this tri color bag printing machine, this 3 color carry bag printing machine is awarded as the best bag printing machine in many exhibitions, trade shows, and survey agencies. That is why Fairprint is no. 1 in 3 color carry bag printing machine and known for their quality and backup support for machine service. When questions comes for best 3 color shopping bag printing machine dealers in India then there is one answer from many government agencies and recommends the first name comes in is fair deal engineers most running and hot selling products 3 color d cut non woven bag printing machine.

This machine works on 3 cylinders and 3 unit technology in which each unit has separate cylinders of plate, blanket and impression. In this 3 color non woven fabric printing machine, the non woven fabric or bag is feeded on a feeding tray, then from the feeding tray specially designed suction feeding system feeds bags 1 by 1 from feeding tray to feeding table, where bag is guided and aligned in desired path by belts, runners and side lay. Further in this 3 color non woven offset printing machine bag is gripped by grippers of impressions cylinder of first unit  and ink is transferred from inking rollers of first unit to plate then ink, in desired design is transferred from plate cylinder to blanket cylinder and then on the bag and first color on bag is printed. Further the non woven bag is gripped by transferred drum cylinder grippers and transferred from first unit to second unit, where the impression cylinder of second unit grippers the bag and ink is transferred from inking rollers of 2nd unit to plate cylinder of 2nd unit and further to the blanket and finally on the bag and thus 2nd color is printed on the bag. Then into his 3 color carry bag printing machine the bag is gripped by 2nd transfer drum which takes bag from 2nd unit to 3rd unit in which bag is gripped by grippers of 3rd unit impression cylinder. In this unit similar way ink is transferred from inking rollers to plate cylinder to blanket and finally on bag and finally 3rd color is printed on bag and further bag is delivered on delivery tray. In this 3 color printing machine mostly 3 basic colors cyan, magenta and yellow, i.e. C,M and Y is used and black color is generated by designing technique which gives multicolor results and most interactive and innovative bags comes out form this 3 color non woven printing machine. 


This three color sheet fed non woven bag printing machine can be utilized in many applications as mentioned below-

  • Invitation Cards
  • Wedding Cards
  • Stationery
  • Letter Pads
  • Envelope Printing
  • Question Paper
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Instruction Manual
  • Leaflets
  • Calendars
  • Magazines
  • Tabloid Newspaper etc…
  • D-cut Non-Woven Bags
  • Carry Bags
  • U-cut bags with Side Gusset
  • Shopping bags
  • Promotional bags
  • Non-Woven Fabric Sheets
  • Laminated Non-Woven cut sheets

Salient Features

  • Solenoid controlled inking system
  • Plate punch technology
  • Fully Automatic
  • Superior Technology Touch Screen Panel
  • Perfect Registration
  • Vacuum Front Feeder
  • Pneumatic Control
  • Cut Off Valve System
  • Front Loading System
  • Short Changeover Time
  • Powder Spray
  • Exhaust Fan for Quick Drying
  • Anti Static System
  • Centralised Lubrication System
  • Pull Type Side Lay for Micro Adjustment
  • Chain delivery System with Receeding Staker

Technical Specifications

Model E1622-3C E1824-3C
Size 16" x 22" 18" x 24.5"
Sheet Size (Max.) 406 x 560 mm 457 x 620 mm
Sheet Size (Min.) 120 x 160 mm 210 x 297 mm
Printing Area (Max.) 375 x 550 mm 420 x 605 mm
Plate Size 415 x 560 mm 480 x 620 mm
Blanket Size 460 x 560 x 1.9 mm 515 x 620 x 1.9 mm
Stock Handled (Max.) 300 gsm 300 gsm
Stock Handled (Min.) 40 gsm 40 gsm
No. of Ink Rollers 14 / Unit 14 / Unit
No. of Ink Form rollers 3 / Unit 3 / Unit
No. of Dampening Rollers 5 / Unit 5 / Unit
Speed (Max.)
2000 I.P.H.
2000 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
Pile Height Feeder 375 mm 375 mm
Power Required 4.5 HP 6 HP
Power Supply 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz. 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz.
Floor Space 1000 x 3500 mm 1100 x 3900 mm
Height (Approx.) 1350 mm 1400 mm
Weight (Approx) 1800 kg 2000 kg
* Measurement & Technical Specifications are subject to change without Notice.
* Printing Speed depends upon Operating Conditions / Type and Thickness of Non-Woven / Paper, Types of Inks or Chemicals & desired Printing Quality.

Process flow chart:-

The working of 3 color separate unit non woven bag printing machine can become more clear by following flow chart:-

  • The non woven bag bundle is kept on feeding tray
  • One by one non woven bags are feeded by special vacuum feeding system on feeding table
  • Bag is guided by runners, belts and side lay
  • Non woven bag is gripped by grippers of impression cylinder of 1st unit
  • In first unit ink is transferred from inking rollers, to plate cylinder,, to blanket and finally on bag
  • Then bag is gripped by 1st transfer drum and transferred from 1st unit to 2nd unit
  • Then bag is gripped y grippers of impression cylinder of 2nd unit
  • Then in the 2nd unit printing is done, ink is transferred from inking rollers to plate cylinder to blanket and then on bag
  • After that this 2 color printed bag is transferred to 3rd unit by mother transfer drum
  • In 3rd unit bag is gripped by grippers of impression cylinder of this 3rd unit