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Surgical Face Mask Making Machine

The Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine produces high-quality masks with zero-human touch.

Surgical Mask Making Machine
Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine
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When it comes to bringing efficiency to your mask production unit, then investing in our offered fully automatic surgical face mask making machine seems like the best option. Fairprint’s fully automatic surgical face mask making machine is equipped with all the support equipment that assists you in carrying the mask making process with ease. The machine performs all the steps ranging from unwinding rolls to placing and winding the elastic bands on its own. An operator is only needed to monitor the process and press a few buttons. The machine accurately assembles all the layers that act as a shield to prevent your body from getting infected. It produces highly secure and industry standard 3 ply mask making machine.

In our fully automatic surgical face mask making machine, we offer a single-line production model and a double line production model as well which can be clear from pictures. 

Technical specifications

Machine typeAutomaticAutomatic
No of elastic12
Production capacity50 pcs/min80-120 pcs/min
Power required10Kw12Kw
Power supply220 v/ single phase/ 50 Hz220v/ single phase/ 50 Hz
Ultrasonic technologyYesYes
Plc controlYesYes
Air compressorYesYes
Bag Making Machine
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Bag Making Machine
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An efficiently functional automatic surgical mask making machine can significantly increase the pace of your production process. As a manufacturer, if you want a machine that simplifies your production process and adds greater efficiency to it then investing in our surgical mask making machine can be your best decision. With this machine at your end, you can produce high-quality masks in less time, and by putting less effort. It considers being the best 3 ply mask making machine at the best machine.

 To help the mask making industry produce quality masks, we are offering a highly-functional 3 ply mask making machine. The machine can produce masks as per the industry standards and manufacture hundreds of masks every minute. 

Technical specifications

Size of mask175×95
Nose wire insertionAutomatic
Power4 kw
Ultrasonic technologyYes
MMulti layer option2-5 layers
Power required5 kw
Power supply220V/50Hz/ single phase
Dimension(LxWxH) mm3000x600x2000
Weight700 kg
Bag Making Machine
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Automatic Ear Loop Welding Machine
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A 3 ply automatic elastic pasting machine attaches an elastic band to the mask. The machine is equipped with a PLC control system that simplifies the process of attaching elastic band on the mask as earloop with this machine at your end; you can meet your project deadlines within time and take on new orders to give a boost to your revenue. It offers easier operation and requires very little maintenance.

Technical specifications

Size of mask175×95
Conveyor typeAutomatic
Raw materialElastic band (2-4mm)
Power required4 kw
Power supply220 single phase
Dimension(LxWxH) mm1300x1000x1700
weight350 kg
Bag Making Machine
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Semi Automatic Ear Loop Pasting Machine
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Semi automatic ear loop welding machine is an efficiently functioning machine that can add rockets to your production speed. The machine aids in pasting ear loops to the masks. Ear loops allow the mask to fit on all face sizes and help the wearer to secure masks perfectly on their faces. Fairprint’s semi automatic ear loop pasting machine is available in excellent specifications so that you can invest in the one that meets the requirements of your production unit. The machine will increase the speed of mask production, along with ensuring their quality. Semi automatic ultrasonic ear loop pasting machine should priory be called automatic as it cuts the ear bands automatically with the help of pneumatic technology embedded in the machine. It not only cuts the ear bands in the desired length but also grips the elastic to form the desired ear loop shape without any manual hassle, then the person only needs to place the mask in the fixture and press the paddle to paste the elastic.

In semi automatic ear loop ultrasonic welding machine when a person lifts the feet from the pedal after pasting the machine automatically goes to the next step and again brings the elastic band cut and in desired shape and position for pasting the earloop on the next side.

Technical specifications

Size of mask175*95
TypeSemi Automatic
Pneumatic technologyyes
Compression requiredYes
Raw materialElastic
Power required3 kw
Power supply220 single phase
Weight200 kg
Bag Making Machine
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Ear Loop Pasting Machine
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Fairprint the brand we trust is offering a functional ear loop pasting machine with more added versatile features. It performs the operation of attaching ear loops to the mask so that the masks can easily be adjusted on every face size. The machine works at an efficient speed and with enhanced multiple efficiencies that it would be difficult for any mask making manufacturer to not invest in such a machine. 

Technical specifications

No of heads12
TypeSemi automaticSemi automatic
Power2 kw3 kw
Air compressoryesyes
Pneumatic technologyyesyes
Ultrasonic technologyyesyes
Power supply220v single phase220v single phase
Weight120 kg130 kg
Bag Making Machine
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