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Fully automatic surgical Mask Making Machine

Salient Features


This machine is made up of aluminum alloys structure which gives machine a better, beautiful and sturdy look with robust built.


Automatic nose strip insertion system


Multiple roll feeding option for making 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply and 5 ply masks


High power and quality ultrasonic for better finishing of masks and to attain high speed as well


Best quality hardened die for sealing of mask and for long life.


PLC controlled system with easy operating interface


Advance pneumatic technology used for cutting and pasting units


Automatic conveyer for turning and moving of masks


Batch delivery for easy collection of masks/strong


Automatic stapon material finish and well equipped with safety features.


Branded electronic components used for easy service maintenance in any part of world

Technical specifications

Machine typeAutomaticAutomatic
No of elastic12
Production capacity50 pcs/min80-120 pcs/min
Power required10Kw12Kw
Power supply220 v/ single phase/ 50 Hz220v/ single phase/ 50 Hz
Ultrasonic technologyYesYes
Plc controlYesYes
Air compressorYesYes

Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine

When it comes to bringing efficiency to your mask production unit, investing in our offered fully automatic surgical mask making machine seems like the best option. Fairprint’s medical mask making machine is equipped with all the support equipment that helps you carry the mask-making process with ease.

The machine performs all the steps ranging from unwinding rolls to placing and winding the elastic bands on its own. An operator is only needed to monitor the process and press a few buttons. The machine accurately assembles all the layers that act as a shield to prevent your body from getting infected.

In our fully automatic mask making machine, we offer both: a single line production model and a double line production model.

A fully automatic surgical mask making machine, majorly known as a 3 ply mask making machine, is used by manufacturers to make 3 ply masks. But our automatic mask making machine offers you the facility to produce 2 ply masks, 3 ply masks, 4 ply masks, and even 5 ply masks. The surgical mask making machine has a robust structure, is rust-free, and is equipped with high-quality plated components & aluminum parts that ensure their long-lasting working.

The automatic 3 ply mask making machine carries out the mask-making process with efficacy. Firstly the rolls are fed for multiple layers, and then the nose strip is inserted automatically in the mask blank. After that, with high-quality ultrasonic, masks are welded to attain proper shape with folds to be elongated according to the face size.

Now the blanks of the masks are passed to a conveyor for elastic pasting. There is a single conveyor for pasting the elastic bands in a single-line fully automatic surgical mask making machine. On the contrary, in a double line high-speed face mask making machine, there are 2 lines of conveyor for pasting elastic bands, which doubles the machine’s speed and attain high production at economical costs to help you sustain competition in the market and earn higher profits.


Fairprint’s fully automatic surgical mask making machine is well capable of making the following masks automatically:-.

  • 2 ply face mask
  • 3 ply face mask, 3 ply surgical mask, 3 ply non woven masks
  • 4 ply surgical masks
  • 5 ply face mask, 5 ply surgical

Why Incorporate Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine In Your Production Unit?

Our offered surgical mask making machine can efficiently increase your face mask making output. Here are other reasons that will make you incorporate the mask making machine in your production unit:

Boost in productivity

The machine works at a higher speed, thereby increasing the productivity of surgical masks. You will be able to produce masks in more quantity within a particular time frame.

Improved quality

The machine has the capacity to produce high-quality face masks without compromising on speed or any other factor.

Reduction in manufacturing costs

The machine has several automatic features that handle the majority part of the production. Therefore, you will need fewer labor resources. This will help you bring down the overall manufacturing costs. Additionally, the machine works consistently well and with a high level of accuracy to minimize the wastage of raw materials, thereby saving a few more bucks.

Improved safety

As the machine does not require a lot of manual help, there will be fewer chances of harming many people. In addition to this, the machine is backed with automatic sensors that will shut it down in case of any malfunction or danger.

Accuracy at its best

The machine works with a high level of accuracy and perfectly determines the weight and size beyond human capabilities.


Fairprint’s fully automatic surgical mask making machine is well capable of making following masks automatically:-.


2 ply face mask


3 ply face mask, 3 ply surgical mask, 3 ply non woven masks


4 ply surgical masks


5 ply face mask, 5 ply surgical masks

Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine

Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine

Process flow chart

For understanding working of fully automatic disposable mask making machine following flow chart will give a better picture:-


Roll feeded (up to 5 rolls option)

Multiple layers move forward through wheels and adjustors for plates forming in centre of mask



Nose strip is automatically inserted on top side of mask

Mask is ultrasonically sealed to attain shape with nose strip inside



Mask is cutted automatically to attain proper shape

Mask apron is turned over and place on automatic elastic pasting conveyor



Mask is moved to elastic pasting conveyor (single conveyor in single line and 2 in double line)

Automatic elastic pasting is done on both ends of mask as ear bands



Mask is ready for packing and dispatch

Fairprint FAQ’s

At what prices can we get the Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machines?

At Fairprint, you can buy the best-in-class Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machines at the most competitive prices. We have a team of experts who have designed the machines keeping in mind the manufacturing requirements of clients so that you can get the maximum value on the money invested.

Do you provide any after-sale support?

Being one of the leading paper Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine manufacturers, we are also known for our highly reliable after-sale support. Our team of technicians is always on the go to help clients deal with issues they are facing with our machines. We always work on resolving problems at the earliest to ensure that your organization’s productive hours do not get hampered.

Are these machines manufactured in India?

We strictly follow the concept of “Make in India” and do our part to contribute to the country’s economy. All our machines are manufactured in India using the latest parts that are assembled under the supervision of experts. If you want to bring excellence to your production unit, investing in our Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machines can be your best course of action.

What is the quality of output the machines deliver?

The machines are backed with state-of-the-art technology that, along with accelerating the pace of your production process, also uplifts the quality of the produced goods. The printing machines are equipped with advanced parts that ensure the highest print quality on different types of substrates. With these machines at your disposal, you never have to worry about quality.

Why Should We Use Fairprint's Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machines?

Fully Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machines are far better than other machines in the market. They are strong, reliable, and durable that makes them the best choice for consumers. 

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