Semi automatic N95 Ear loop welding machine

Fairprint’s N95 ear loop welding machine is specially designed for welding ear loops on N95 masks. Our machine offers easier operation and attaches ear loop on the masks by putting them on, a mold and then pressing the bottom. It carries out the welding process precisely and accurately, leaving no chance for any fault to occur. The welding machine can be operated by a single person who will perform the job of placing the mask on the mold and pressing the pedal.

In this N95 ear loop pasting machine, elastic is cut automatically in desired length and brought to the pasting position by the help of pneumatic technology, on further placing of apron of N95 mask on this machine the elastic is welded automatically on both sides by revolving tray, which revolves apron of N95 mask automatically at the desired elastic position.

In N95 ear loop ultrasonic welding machine, by single press of pedal, ear loop is pasted on both ends of N95 apron automatically.


Salient Features

  • 1) Keeps the mask ergonomics designed to paste both side ear loops in one pedal press
  • 2) Revolving mold for placing N95 apron for both side ear loop pasting by performing just single pedal operation
  • 3) Pneumatic technology used for precise cutting and accurate placement of elastic at desired place.
  • 4) Multi function option of removing revolving tray and the same machine can be used for ear loop pasting in 2 ply face mask, 3 ply face mask and 4 ply faces mask as well.
  • 5) No need of skilled person to operate, very ease to operate
  • 6) Adjustment feature for adjustment of ear loop gap



This machine is used for ear loop welding of following masks:-

  • 1) N95 Mask
  • 2) N99 Mask
  • 3) KN95 Mask
  • 4) FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 respirators
  • 5) 2 ply mask
  • 6) 3 ply mask
  • 7) 4 ply mask
  • 8) 5 ply mask
  • 9) 6 ply mask


Technical specifications

Production speed 30-50 PCS/MIN
Mask apron size 231x107mm
Power required 3kw
Power supply 220 v single phase
Revolving trays Yes
Pneumatic technology Yes
Raw material Elastic bridge
Weight 200 kg
Dimensions(LxWxH)mm 1280x730x1500


Process flow chart

  • 1) Elastic feed in machine
  • 2) N95 mask apron place on revolving mould
  • 3) Pedal pressed
  • 4) Automatic ear loop pasted on both side of N95 mask
  • 5) Apron with pasted ear loop is ready

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