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Roll Fed Paper Bag Making MachinePaper bags have become a more suitable way to carry daily requirements. Most of the carry bags found are made of plastics. Plastic bags are one of the most extreme bad and most harmful pollutants on earth.

Despite all known hazards of plastic pollution, Plastic bags are used on a huge scale by sellers for a simple reason that these bags are much cheaper than paper, cloth, or other bags which creates a friendly effect with the environment.

There is a project which aims at designing a model of a paper bag manufacturing unit that will manufacture paper bags from newspapers. The paper bags are designed by taking into consideration it is cost, load-carrying volume, and aesthetics. These bags are tested for standard conditions and were found to have sufficient strength to interchange a plastic bag.

There is a project which is based on the reuse of newspapers instead of any recycled papers. It also aims on decreasing the time required for manufacturing bags manually, so as to decrease the cost of bags.

The project is semi-automated so that mass creation of bags can be achieved, so as to make its production cost comparable and as low as plastic bags and inherently increase its production rate so as to fulfill the ever-increasing demand of bags in India.

Modern Paper Bag Making Machine for the manufacture of Flat and Satchel Paper Bags from various organizations or vendors are in trend. These automatic paper bag making machines have been designed incorporating the latest improvements and are available for the manufacture of different ranges of paper bags for packing of foods, confectionery, readymade garments, tobacco and snuff, ice cream, and many other items.

These paper bag machines are of admirable construction, all parts arranged in the most available way, making operation and adjustments simple and easy. These automatic paper bag machines work on the better principle. These paper bag making machines are also supplied with flexographic printing attachment for the production of the printed bags in huge quantities.

The bags are designed according to the requirement of buyers. Sometimes the requirement is the volume of the bag and sometimes it is the out cover of the bag as a publicity stunt of brands.

When the main motive lies with the volume, the makers specifically focus on square bottoms which are wide enough to increase the volume. It is also observed that to reduce manual jobs few techniques have been brought up where the square bottom paper bag making machine has been designed separately. The standard width lies from 100 to 800mm and length varies from 200 to 580mm with a thickness of 30 to 100gsm.

As it has been written all over the article about square bottom there is a small historical sight behind it that is the story of Margret Knight.

It says, Knight realized that paper bags should have a square bottom; when weight was distributed across the base in this way, the bags could carry more things. Therefore, bags with a square base is preferred as they are easy to carry and allows the user to spread their weight.

Sheetfed Paper Carry Bag with handle machine is a fully automatic machine for the production of paper bags with paper twisted rope lever. The material could be a simple paper or a printed one. The whole machine is controlled by a computer central control system with a touch screen.

It can produce different sizes of a paper bag and paste paper handle parallel for completion of paper bags without any labor-intensive process. This machine is ideal equipment for twist handle paper carry bags and realize a fully automated line for garment, shoes, or all luxury brands packing bag production line which could get directly deliver to the customer while shopping.

There exist a high quality and precise roll feed automatic paper bag making machine. The paper bag manufacturers assemble the machine by purchasing the parts from various parts of the world like CPU and touch screen from Germany, main motor from Siemens, main inverter from Switzerland, low voltage appliance from Frances Schneider, a photoelectric sensor from Japan.

EPC control from Italy, and the paper bag making machine ink from the USA. The strong quality parts flawless machine structure makes it working in high speed and stability.

The machine is equipped with an accurate servo motor drive, it makes the machine run steadily and efficiently because of which material lifting adopt inflated lift structure.

There exist double photoelectric sensors limit automatic correction control system and deviation rectification stability which is an energy saver and gives long life to machines.

There also exists a glue roller air defense coating control which avoids gluing on besmear brushes hub surface directly and reduces unnecessary trouble.

It also caters to the accurate color tracking system and in case of color errors exist it automatically shuts down. It also has an automatic lubricating oil supply system that keeps its life long.

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