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What Is an Extrusion Lamination Machine?

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What Is an Extrusion Lamination Machine?

Mar 19, 2021 | Blog

Extrusion lamination is one effective method used for laminating a range of materials, along with manufacturing packaging films for different products like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. 

But what makes the process carried out so easily? 

It is the Extrusion Lamination Machine that makes the process of lamination easier and simpler for manufacturers. 

Fairprint, being a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of offset printing machines in India, offers the best-in-class extrusion lamination machine that delivers improved film properties like heat sealing and increased film strength.

Want to know more about the extrusion lamination process and the machine that carries it?

Let us help you out!

What is an extrusion laminating process?

Extrusion laminating is a process that combines different substrate materials to obtain a single structure. With the extrusion laminating process, you can combine different substrates, such as paper, aluminum foils, carton boards, plastics, etc.

What is an Extrusion Lamination Machine?

An extrusion lamination machine is used for laminating different substrates, ranging from thin LDPE to paper and woven polypropylene.

You can find this machine in different specifications that work with different sizes of substrates and help manufacturers carry their lamination process with efficacy. 

extrusion lamination machine in India

The working of the Extrusion Lamination Machine

With the help of our extrusion lamination machine, you can add efficiency to your manufacturing unit. Let us tell you how.

The machine starts the extrusion lamination process with an extruder forcing the melted thermoplastic resin between two substrates and bonds them with each other.

The essence of our machine lies in its working. Inside the laminating line, the substrates are passed through a large roll, pressure roll, and counter-pressure roll that are constantly cooled with water. The combined pressure of all the rolls and water cooling the substrates ensure the delivery of an accurate adhesion level.

After achieving the correct adhesion level, the product is permanently bonded to become a multi-ply laminated structure. 

Benefits of using an Extrusion Lamination Machine

Boost Productivity

Undoubtedly, a machine performs more efficiently than humans. By employing an extrusion lamination machine in your manufacturing unit, you not only boost productivity but also eliminate the risk of errors. Some other benefits are as follows:

  • As the machine carries the extrusion process from start to end, you will have less equipment to maintain.
  • Reduce process time by cutting out the time involved in off-gassing.
  • Easy to set up and simpler to use.

Reduce Cost

The machine is backed with automatic features that reduce the involvement of labor and save cost. It also helps in reducing other costs through:

  • Supplying the material directly onto the foam in the die through a coating extruder eliminating the need for a laminator.
  • Replacing manual efforts with automatic ones.
  • Using all the raw materials efficiently, eliminating scrap or wastage.


The machine carries the process with accuracy to ensure the optimum quality of output.


With an extrusion laminating machine at your disposal, you can produce more output with less energy consumption. In addition to this, the equipment layout requires less spacing.


Extrusion is an ideal process for cost-effective products and helps manufacturers to take bulk orders and meet deadlines. Our offered machines have the ability to customize the finished products while reducing the labor expenses and other costs of production. 

If you are interested in our machines, please feel free to contact us.

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