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What Is the Non-woven Bag Making Machine?

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What Is the Non-woven Bag Making Machine?

Jun 29, 2021 | Blog

Since the ban on plastic bags in several countries, non-woven bags have emerged as a popular choice for retailers to pack their products. The bags are made from non-woven fabric, which has a cloth-like structure and offers excellent durability. It gets design by a popular non-woven bag making machine.

You must have often seen these bags in different retail stores and how easy and convenient they have made to keep the environment safe from increasing plastic pollution. 

What is a non-woven bag making machine?

The credit to the making of these reusable bags goes to a non-woven bag making machine

A nonwoven machine has revolutionized the bag making industry by producing bags at 2x speed. With the machine in your manufacturing unit, you can double your production and earn greater profits. 

At Fairprint, we have engineered a non-woven bag making machine that can produce non-woven bags in multiple colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. The machine has changed the way organizations produce different bags like D-cut, U-cut, bags with side gussets, and 3D box type bags. 

The machine comes with an advanced touch screen panel that allows the operator to manage the different functions of the machine from one place. It has a robust structure and multiple advanced features that can boost the accuracy of the bag manufacturing process.

To help you better understand a non-woven bag making machine, here are some benefits that it offers:

Higher production speed

There is no denying that a machine works faster than humans. By implementing a nonwoven machine, you can produce bags in multiple colors, sizes, and designs faster. Additionally, the automation the machine provides is excellent and will help you meet your project deadlines on time. 

Make the best use of resources 

The machine makes optimum utilization of resources and results in minimum wastage. You can feed resources into the machine, and it will carry the bag production process on its own and will only leave the task of collecting produced paper bags off the conveyor belt for you. 

Help you save on labor expenses

We all know how efficiently machines have taken over the manual production methods across industries, and the paper bag industry is no exception. A nonwoven machine is accompanied by several automated features that make the production process effortless and efficient. Now, manufacturers no longer have to hire more laborers to carry the tasks and will require only a few to supervise them and carry the basic tasks. This will lead to lesser labor expenses, more productivity, and higher profits.

Energy efficiency

The machine, with less energy, delivers more output. If you want to save on electrical expenses, investing in the machine can help. 


You can easily adjust the machine to produce a range of bags that differs based on color, size, and design. It will help you meet the customized needs of your clients and get more projects that will make you a preferred brand when it comes to bag making. 

Easier operation

The machine is backed with an advanced control panel and touch screen display that allows only a single operator to manage its entire work. You can handle the entire production process from start to finish single-handedly. 

Wrapping up

With a nonwoven machine, manufacturers can meet the evolving needs of the reusable bag industry. The machine has all the features you will ever need to add efficiency to your production unit and produce high-quality bags to meet your clients’ requirements.

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