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Why Is It Better to Use Paper Bags Than Plastic Bags?

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Why Is It Better to Use Paper Bags Than Plastic Bags?

Feb 19, 2021 | Blog

The debate on “Paper Vs. Plastic Bags” is never-ending. Let’s hear it one more time with us being partial towards paper bags. 

It is a well-known fact that paper bags are more environment-friendly than plastic bags as they are made from sustainable resources and are 100% biodegradable. On the other hand, plastic bags are a threat to the environment because of their non-biodegradable and toxic nature.

As people are getting aware of how plastic waste impacts the environment, they are moving towards the use of reusable bags. Customers prefer even businesses that use paper bags as their packaging option. 

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Paper bags have begun and will continue to rule the packaging industry for years to come. To clear all your confusion, here we are listing some points dictating why paper bags are a better choice than plastic bags.


Paper bags are 100% biodegradable. It means that the bags get fully decomposed in the natural surroundings with the help of the bacteria. On the contrary, plastic bags take thousands of years to decompose, and by then, they become the cause of the deaths of millions of wild animals and aquatic life. 

Additionally, paper bags are reusable as well as recyclable. They can be reused three times more than the plastic ones. Even when they are recycled, the bags do not emit toxic and poisonous gases as plastic bags do. 

Using paper bags instead of plastic ones, you can save nature from pollution and preserve it for generations to come.

Better Appeal

Paper bags have a much better appeal than plastic bags. That is why brands prefer these bags as their packaging. They can even be customized in a way that reflects your brand creatively and grabs your customers’ attention. You can get the impression of your brand merchandise along with the logo printed on them. This way, your brand will be promoted every time the bag will be reused.

There are different types of paper bag printing machines available in the industry that makes the customization task easier. This way, you can add a beautiful appeal to your bags and attract customers to your doorstep.

Stronger and spacious

Plastic bags are flimsy and cannot hold a lot of stuff. But paper bags are different. Although both bags look similar, the paper ones are sturdier. Their rectangular shape makes them hold more stuff. Apart from this, they do not tear up easily, and this makes them more durable. 


When it comes to quality, plastic bags never get an edge over paper bags. You can easily crumble a plastic bag and tear it into pieces. But paper bags show more resistance to wear & tear. They can be used multiple times before they land in the garbage dumps.

Preserve natural resources

The paper bags can be produced with a limited amount of natural resources. As we already know, most of our natural resources are already on the verge of extinction, and using them wisely is the only choice we are left with. When we know that plastic bags’ production involves the utilization of excess resources, going for paper ones can be a better decision.


Plastic bags are cheaper than paper ones in terms of cost but deliver more value. As they can be used three times more than plastic bags, they save more money.


So the points mentioned above help us conclude that paper bags are better than plastic ones. Along with helping you carry your good with ease and style, the bags do a lot to save the environment from evil plastic pollution. If you want to make the world plastic-free, shifting to the use of reusable bags like paper ones is the best step to take.

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