N95 mask apron making machine

N95 mask apron making machine helps maskmaking manufacturers to bring efficiency in their production process. Fairprint’s N95 apron making machine is designed using state of the art technology and has several automatic features that carry the entire production process with the least human intervention. The increased pace of epidemic calls for more high quality masks that can shield people from getting infected. Manufacturers are receiving orders in bulk to deliver masks at their earliest convenience. With our machines at your end, you will be able to meet your orders within the specified time and work on new orders. The machine will aid you in getting the best return on your investment.

In N95 mask apron making machine one can use 6 layers of mask roll feeding system, with option of automatic nose strip insertion from nose strip roll and even option of aluminum pre cute nose strip inside the mask. This insertion option can also be asked at the time of booking according to customer’s need. This machine not only inserts nose strip automatically also ultrasonically welds mask with high precision made die and cuts the mask apron in desired shape with automatic waste collection system as well, which makes FAIRPRINT the best N95 mask apron making machine in India and the world. Another best part of this machine is that, by changing the die rollers one can also make sanitary pads as an optional feature for future multifunction purpose from same machine.


Salient Features

  • 1) 6 roll feeding system for feeding multiple layers of mask
  • 2) High quality hardness rollers for better accuracy and life
  • 3) Automatic inside nose strip insertion system installed
  • 4) Optional metal nose strip function also available
  • 5) Ultrasonic of best quality used for better sealing of mask and for good speed of production
  • 6) Automatic waste collection system also available in this machine
  • 7) Electronically controlled system with branded electronic components and easy speed adjustments features and operations



This machine is used for making apron for the following masks:-

  • 1) N95 mask
  • 2) N99 mask
  • 3) FFP1
  • 4) FFP2
  • 5) FFP3
  • 6) KN95 mask
  • 7) Another best application is for apron of sanitary pads can also be made from this machine


Technical specifications

Production speed 30-50 PCS/MIN
Machine type Automatic
Power 4.5kw
Power supply 220 v
Roll dimension 100-175mm
No. of roll feeds 6
Automatic nose strip Yes
Automatic waste collection Yes
Weight 350 kg
Dimensions (WxLxH)mm 500x2700x1500


Process flow chart

Process of working of Fairprint’s N95 mask apron making machine is well explained by the following diagram:-

  • 1) Roll feeding (up to 6 layers)
  • 2) Automatic nose strip insertion
  • 3) Ultrasonic welding of desired shape of mask
  • 4) Cutting of N95 mask apron
  • 5) Automatic waste collection
  • 6) Ready N95 mask apron
  • 7) Further apron is taken to other machine for elastic pasting and L pressing process

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