non-woven bag printing machine

The 100% recyclable non-woven bags are like a stroke of luck for the environment as they are biodegradable and in case burnt, then do not produce any toxic gases. The bags are widely used in malls, supermarkets, grocery stores, and many more similar places for all good reasons.

Non-woven bags apart from meeting the packaging needs, also help in uniquely promoting a brand, and this is one big reason that has inflated its demand in the market.

At Fair Print India, we are involved in manufacturing Non-woven Bag Making Machine that is specifically designed to produce non-woven bags in different colors, sizes, and designs. The machine is bliss for organizations that deal in bags like D-cut, U-cut, bags with side gussets, and others. 

non-woven bag printing machine

Our D-Cut Bag Making Machine is equipped with an advanced touch screen panel that increases the accuracy of the bag manufacturing process and allows the users to manage different functions of the machine simultaneously. It has a sturdy structure that can withstand physical impact without any major damages. The machine works on power ranging from 12 KW to 18 KW, and help you to save on your electricity expenses. 

The popularity of our bag making machine has helped us to become one of the leading manufacturers of Non-woven bag making machine in Delhi, India. We have a wide gamut of machines such as manual, second hand, used, semi-automatic non-woven bag making machine and all of them are priced differently. We offer these machines at competitive prices and believe in delivering value for money.  

Salient Features

  • Support non woven fabric
  • Feed off can be Automatically Shut Down
  • Auto-Punch System
  • Automatic temperature as well correcting leaks
  • Easy to operate with local Touch-Screen Computer
  • Smooth Functionality
  • Robust Construction
  • Durable, Reliable & Safe
  • Superior Performance
  • Heavy Duty
  • Best price available
  • Best for non woven bags project
  • Best for non woven carry bag making
  • Best for fabric bag making machine

Our non-woven bag making machine can be the key to your business success. The machine helps in boosting your production capacity and that too with accuracy. With the help of this machine, you can efficiently produce different kinds of bags from different types of non-woven fabrics. With so much diversity in bags, you can easily achieve a bigger market share. The machine is also known as a D-cut bag making machine owing to its ability to make D-cut bags.

The price of our machine is set after taking into consideration the price prevailing in the market and the cost involved in its manufacturing. Generally, at Fair Print India, you will get the best price for all our machines. In addition to this, our services also include after-sale support to ensure that the machine functions efficiently well in the long run.

Our range of Non-Woven Bag Making Machine

Fully Automatic Non-Woven Bag Making Machine: The machine requires zero manual assistance to deliver high-quality production capacity and will help you in cutting down your labor expenses.

Non-Woven Bag Making Machine: If you are thinking about starting a non-woven bag making business, then what can be better than our offered non-woven bag making machine. It has a high production capacity and requires minimum maintenance.

Semi-Automatic Non-Woven Bag Making Machine: Compact and space-saving Semi-Automatic Non-Woven Bag Making Machine can help you make the most of your resources. It can make different kinds of bags in multiple sizes and shapes.

Automatic Handle Loop Machine: The machine folds 2 wide strips of Non-Woven Fabric uniformly from both sides, and then performs ultrasonic welding at the center of the strip for making excellent quality bags.

D-Cut Bag Making Machine: The machine comes with pressure systems that can be adjusted to create different types of non-woven bags.

Ultrasonic Sealing Machine: The machine helps in making non-woven fabric bags with great strength. The bags made from this machine can be recycled multiple times.

Handle Cutting Machine: Easy to operate and maintain, Handle Cutting Machine is what can help you to increase your production capacity.

Spot Handle Pasting Machine: The machine’s efficient design and compact size help in its efficient operation and easier maintenance. It is the best option for users at a low price.

A D-cut bag making machine can produce bags of different kinds, such as shoe bags, d-cut bags, t-shirt bags, handle bags, and other packaging bags. As the paper bag market is growing at a tremendous rate, manufacturers are looking for machines that can meet the increasing demand for paper bags without compromising on their quality.

In such a situation, the D-cut bag making machine acts as a true rescuer that assists manufacturers in producing varieties of bags with ease. It is backed with state-of-the-art technology and a touch screen panel that ensures that the produced bags are fault-free.

The machine can carry the production process on its own, with negligible manual support and only for feeding the raw materials into the machine and picking the finished bags off the conveyor belt. This will help you automate your production process and reduce your production cost so that you can add more numbers to your revenue.

Technical Specifications of Non Woven bag making machine

MODEL  E 600 E 700 EB 600 EH 600 EBH 600
Fabric Roll Width (Max) 1280mm 1480mm 1280mm 1280mm 1280mm
Bag Width Flat Bags - 100-700mm Flat Bags - 100-700mm Flat Bags - 100-700mm Flat Bags - 100-700mm Flat Bags - 100-700mm
Vest Bags - 150-600mm Vest Bags - 150-680mm Vest Bags - 150-600mm Vest Bags - 150-600mm Vest Bags - 150-600mm
Bag Height Flat Bags - 150-600mm Flat Bags - 150-680mm Flat Bags - 150-600mm Flat Bags - 150-600mm Flat Bags - 150-600mm
Vest Bags - 100-700mm Vest Bags - 100-700mm Vest Bags - 100-700mm Vest Bags - 100-700mm Vest Bags - 100-700mm
Production Speed 40-90pcs / Min 40-90pcs / Min 40-90pcs / Min 40-90pcs / Min 40-90pcs / Min
Non-Woven Fabric Thickness 30-80 gsm 30-80 gsm 30-80 gsm 30-80 gsm 30-80 gsm
Gusset 30-90 mm 30-90 mm 30-90 mm 30-90 mm 30-90 mm
Power Supply 220v / 1 Phase / 50Hz 220v / 1 Phase / 50Hz 220v / 1 Phase / 50Hz 220v / 1 Phase / 50Hz 220v / 1 Phase / 50Hz
Power 10 KW 12 KW 10 KW 15 KW 18 KW
Side (L x W x H) 8000 x 1700 x 2000mm 8000 x 1900 x 2000mm 9500 x 1700 x 2000mm 9500 x 2700 x 2000mm 11000 x 2700 x 2000mm
Box Type Feature N. A. N. A. YES N. A. YES
On Line Double Handle Loop N. A. N. A. N. A. YES YES
* Measurement & Technical Specifications are subject to change without Notice
* Speed depends upon Operating Conditions/ Type & Thickness of Non-Woven etc.