N95 nose bridge fitting machine

Fairprint’s N95 nose bridge fitting machine is ergonomically compact designed so that it can work on any table top. Multi functionality of N95 nose bridge fitting machine is that the same machine can fix Nose Bridge not only on foldable type n95 mask but also on cup type N95 mask as well.

N95 mask ultrasonically welded mostly have inside nose strip but some people want to make mask with less capital investment where this n95 nose bridge fitting machine comes in picture. And in cup type N95 mask technology had still not found a better way to put nose strip inside, so mostly for cup type N95 mask this nose bridge fitting machine is of great advantage.


Salient Features

  • 1) Special slot for nose bridge placement
  • 2) Electronically temperature controller for fixing of nose bridge
  • 3) Easy to operate, by simple paddle pressing process.
  • 4) Compact robust, durable, reliable and safe.
  • 5) Highly productive



N95 nose bridge fitting machine is used for fixing nose strip on various types of masks like:-

  • 1) N95, N99 mask according to American standards
  • 2) FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 respirators according to European standards
  • 3) Any type of cup masks specially
  • 4) KN 95 masks


Technical specifications

Power 0.5Kw
Speed 20 pc/min
Paddle start Yes
Power supply 220 v single phase
Type manual
Dimension 550*450*250 mm
Weight 25 Kg


Process flow chart

Working process of N95 on nose bridge fitting machine can be easily understood by following process chart:-

  • 1) Placing nose bridge in slot
  • 2) Placing N95 mask in desired mold
  • 3) Press the paddle for fixing
  • 4) Ready N95 mask with outside nose bridge

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