Plastic and non woven cap making machine

Fairprint’s research and development has given a breakthrough to the market by bringing plastic and non woven cap making machine in action. This machine has the benefit that it can make disposable cap by plastic as well as non woven.
This machine is famously known by different names like non woven cap making machine, disposable cap making machine, bouffant cap making machine, shower cap making machine, poly cap making machine, plastic cap making machine etc. As it can make versatile types of disposable caps that’s why people in different part of the world call this machine by different names.
In fairprint’s bouffant cap making machine i.e. non woven cap making machine all functions are automatic from feeding to elastic ultrasonic welding, folding and molding, counting and collection
Fairprint’s plastic cap making machine i.e. disposable cap making machine is having robust stainless steel structure, hi-tech electronic components, ultrasonic technology, high quality plated components and branded equipment's for long life of machine and better service backup in any part of the world.


Salient Features

  • High power ultrasonic technology for better sealing and speed.
  • Automatic feeding, welding and cutting system.
  • Ease to operate with ergonomic designed man machine interface.
  • Highly productive with negligible failure rate.
  • Reliable, durable, hassle free and safe.
  • Automatic elastic welding system
  • Speed and frequency parameters easily adjustable.
  • Batch counting system.


Technical specifications

Type Automatic
Speed 90-260 pc/min
Raw material Non woven and plastic
Power 4.5 Kw
Power supply 220v single phase
dimensions 3800*800*1100
Weight 700 KGS


Process flow chart

Working process of non woven cap making machine can be easily understood by following chart:-

  • 1) Non woven or plastic roll is feeded in machine
  • 2) Elastic is feeded through automatic system
  • 3) Roll is folded and elastic is ultrasonically welded on the roll
  • 4) Roll moves through certain wheels to create plates
  • 5) Further automatically roll pass through fins to get the desired folds in cap for expanding cap to fit any person
  • 6) Automatically edge of cap is welded after plates cutted
  • 7) Cap is ready for packing and collection

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