Automatic Paper Handle Loop Making Machine
automatic paper bag machine

Automatic Paper Handle Loop Making Machine

Fair print India is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the best Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine. When it comes to mass production of paper bags without compromising on the quality parameter, our offered machines have no match. As now people have become more aware of the harmful effects of plastic bags, they are moving towards the use of paper bags.

The increase in the use of paper bags has inflated the demand for these bags, tempting more and more manufacturers into the bag making business. To sustain and grow in the respective sector, you must invest in a bag making machine that can deliver efficient functioning at a low cost.

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automatic paper bag making machine

Technical Specifications

Model F1520 F1622 E1622 E1824
Size 15" x 20" 16" x 22" 16" x 22" 18" x 24.5"
Sheet Size (Max.) 381 x 508mm 406 x 560 mm 406 x 560 mm 457 x 620 mm
Sheet Size (Min.) 120 x 160 mm 120 x 160 mm 120 x 160 mm 210 x 297 mm
Printing Area (Max.) 371 x 508 mm 396 x 558 mm 375 x 550 mm 420 x 605 mm
Plate Size 410 x 510 mm 415 x 560 mm 415 x 560 mm 480 x 620 mm
Blanket Size 450 x 510 x 1.9 mm 450 x 575 x 1.9 mm 460 x 560 x 1.9 mm 515 x 620 x 1.9 mm
Stock Handled (Max.) 300 gsm 300 gsm 300 gsm 300 gsm
Stock Handled (Min.) 40 gsm 40 gsm 40 gsm 40 gsm
No. of Ink Rollers 14 14 14 14
No. of Ink Form rollers 2 2 3 3
No. of Dampening Rollers 4 4 5 5
Speed (Max.)
2500 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
2500 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
2500 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
2500 I.P.H.
(7000 I.P.H. - Paper)
Pile Height Feeder 375 mm 375 mm 375 mm 375 mm
Power Required 2 HP 2.5 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Power Supply 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz. 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz. 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz. 220v / 1 Ph. / 50 Hz.
Floor Space 1100 x 1800 mm 1170 x 2000 mm 1000 x 1900 mm 1100 x 2100 mm
Height (Approx.) 1375 mm 1375 mm 1350 mm 1400 mm
Weight (Approx) 850 kg 950 kg 850 kg 950 kg

Company Expertise

By keeping this factor in mind, we have designed our automatic bag making machine in a way that they can effectively meet the requirements of your production unit. Machines can help you reduce your overall production cost by manufacturing bags at high speed and keeping the quality similar in all batches of production.

They are backed with automatic control systems and touch screen displays that help you to control and monitor the entire production process from a single point. In addition to this, the machines can carry the production process on their own and only require manual support for feeding the raw materials and taking the finished products off the conveyor belt. This way, you can cut down your labor expenses to a great extent.

To provide high-quality, fully automatic paper bag making machine, Fair Print India emphasizes more on choosing the best materials and strictly outlines the quality control norms. Along with ensuring the quality of our machines, also provide them at competitive prices. Offered machines can bring excellence in your production process and lower the cost of production, thus boosting your revenue.

Our technical expertise will also help you make the right decision on purchasing the best paper bag making machine. Our after-sale services ensure the efficient functioning of machines for a long-lasting time period. We have a team of technical experts that keep themselves updated with all the technical know-how to serve the customer right and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.