Ultrasonic N95 elastic pasting machine

Ultrasonic N95 elastic pasting machine pastes elastic on N95 masks. With this machine at your end, you can wave goodbye to the conventional method of stapling ear loops on the mask that may cause septic to the wearer. The machine is professionally designed, which makes that elastic pasting process easier and faster. It has several automatic features that allow a single person to handle its overall operation. If you want to bring efficiency in your mask making unit, then it’s worth investing in this machine.

Fairprint’s Ultrasonic N95 elastic pasting machine is best for both ear loop pasting and head loop pasting as most of the automatic machine cannot paste head loop on masks, then this machine comes in picture. The multifunctionality of this machine is that it can do to most typical head loop pasting , ear loop pasting on masks, by just changing the die one can also paste handle loops of non woven bags as well.


Salient Features

  • 1) Good quality ultrasonic for better pasting strength of elastic loops.
  • 2) Multi functional for ear loop and head loops as well
  • 3) Ease to operate, unskilled labor can easily operate by simple pedal pressing process
  • 4) Pneumatic technology used for proper fitting of elastic on mask
  • 5) Highly productive and versatile
  • 6) Robust construction
  • 7) Durable, reliable and safe



Ultrasonic N95 elastic pasting machines is having various versatile options

  • 1) Ear loop for N95, N99, KN95, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 respirators, 2 ply mask, 3 ply mask, 4 ply mask etc.
  • 2) Head loop on all types of mask for better face fit attainment.
  • 3) Can be used for cup masks as well
  • 4) By changing head, some machine can ultrasonic spot weld handle loop on non woven bag.


Technical specifications

Power 2Kw
Air compressor Required
Pneumatic technology Yes
Ultrasonic generator Yes
Power supply 220 v single phase
Type Single spot
Dimensions(LxWxH)mm 1000x500x550
Weight 120 Kg


Process flow chart

Following is the process flow chart for better understanding of working of ultrasonic N95 elastic pasting machine

  • 1) Apron or mask placed in position for pasting
  • 2) Elastic is placed In position to paste on mask
  • 3) Pedal is pressed to start ultrasonic welding of elastic on mask
  • 4) Ready elastic pasted mask

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